Wearing a dress can convey a specific emotion to others or it can simply be worn for practicality. Dreses have a long history. There are multiple pieces of evidence that ancient Babylonians and Egyptians wore some kind of a dress, either draped around the body or sawn. Another great inspiration to this days is greek worn dresses, which still inspire modern designers with their ethereal looks. 

Although dresses have a long history and wearing them differs from culture to culture, one thing is very clear – dresses are a monumental and sometimes the most important part of our wardrobes. Shapes and look of the dress can change from occasion to occasion but if you feel lost what kind of dress is best for you or you’re just searching for inspiration here are several different kinds of dresses that might interest you.

A little black dress

A little black dress is probably the most known kind of dress. Introduced by Coco Chanel and popularized by Audrey Hepburn little black dress never goes out of style. If you’re looking for a staple piece for your closet then a simple minimalist little black dress is the way to go. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. The right kind of LBD can be worn with converse and heels too.

Wrap dress

Wrap dresses were introduced in the 1970s by a well-known designer Diane von Furstenberg and the popularity of this style of dress still remains unchanged. The main contributing factor for this is the way it flatters the figure, comfortability, and multifunctionality. Wrap dresses are popular all around the year, but summer is the season for them. The airiness and coolness this dress provides cannot be denied.

Midi Dress

Midi dress is one of the most versatile dresses out there. It is not as uncomfortable as a mini dress where you’re always worried about flushing someone, or not as long as a maxi dress where you’re always praying not to fall over. Midi dress provides comfort with its versatile sleeve length and necklines. You can wear them with your favorite heels and enjoy a nice cocktail evening, or wear simple sandals and attend a midday picnic at the park.

Off the shoulder dress

If you want to make an impression and want to be remembered forever then go for it and wear an off-the-shoulder dress. This style of dress will emphasize your sexuality and confidence. It’s a great dress if you want to show off your shoulders but don’t want to go for a strapless dress. If you’re still unsure and want proof of how powerful an off-the-shoulder dress can be maybe you should remember the “revenge dress” which Princess Diana wore on the day Prince Charles aired his documentary about their marriage and divorce. This dress is talked about till these days and is considered a major fashion iconic moment.

Cocktail Dress

As the name suggests cocktail dresses are generally worn during a cocktail event. This type of dress is generally a bodycon dress that hits just about at the knees. Despite this, you can find cocktail dresses with very different styles and silhouettes and can be worn just about everywhere, to parties, weddings, or just fancy restaurants.

As we can see, dresses are created for different occasions and different needs. Choosing the right dress can be a tricky thing to do but you should always think about how you would like to feel in it. Don’t wear a dress that doesn’t give you the support and the comfort you need. Always trust your heart and intuition.