Your bedroom is an extension of yourself and not only does it act as a place for you to rest, but also the place where you first begin your day. It is also a place where you relax, and spend time with your family. As time passes our preferences change and so do our private spaces. When considering renovating your bedroom you need to be careful as this is the place where you first begin your day so it is important to get it right.

Every space has a different set of requirements and different dos and don’ts; as every family is different so our words are not the end all be all for when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

Do: Express Yourself

Your bedroom is your private space and so it should be surrounded by familiar things that portray things that inspire you or remind you of who you are. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and calm and should be separate from where you work or watch television.

Do: Keep it Simple

Stay clear of bulky furniture so that you have space enough to move freely around your apartment. When renovating your bedroom focus on fewer quality products, it will be easier to ensure their quality and will be a standout in your room.

Do: Proper Lighting

The basic idea is to create a soothing ambiance which is absolutely essential in the design of creating a relaxing environment. Soothing ambiance will not only enhance your mood but also have a positive effect on your sleep and general health. You can install dimmer light switches that can control the amount of light and create a relaxing atmosphere which can come in handy when you are getting ready to sleep.

Don’t: Blindly Following Trends

While arranging your bedroom you need to keep in mind is that don’t blindly copy every new style that you see in magazines or on social media. Your room should reflect your personality and if there are too many styles in one room it can make you uneasy in your own room. If you really like a bedroom design in some magazine, use it as an inspiration rather than blindly copying it.

Don’t: Declutter Away

Don’t overcrowd your room because your bedroom should be a place where you gather your thoughts and wind down. The basic requirements for your room should be a bad, night table, and some storage facilities because less is more concept is to have bare minimum stuff in your bedroom to not distract you from what really matters, and will make your space easy to enjoy and relax in.

Don’t: Don’t Compromise on Bed

Your bed is the central piece of your bedroom and investing in luxury linen is a great way to create a comforting and relaxing bedroom. Plus, spending money on good mattresses can provide a more comfortable sleep, and quality bedding will provide a far better sense of coziness and comfort in your bedroom and give your room a designer look.

There are no exact rules when it comes to bedroom decoration but you should be aware of factors such as the size of your bedroom, your budget, the theme of the room before you begin designing your room.