Your phone screen can crack if your phone falls from the table or slips from your hand during a call. Falling phone and screen damage is pretty standard in this hectic routine. And honestly, no one likes a broken screen. Here are the several ways you should implement when the mobile screen is broken, have a look!

Check if your phone’s broken screen has insurance

Make sure that your phone insurance covers broken screens. If it covers, getting a fix will be easy. Living without your phone for many days can be the most difficult situation if your screen is damaged. That’s the worst of it (although you might have to pay an excess charge). When you discover that your insurance does not cover a new screen for a shattered smartphone, the issues begin. At such a time as this, you’ll have no choice but to act independently.

Find and use your old phone

But you still need a phone, even if the screen is shattered. What are your options? Well, there’s always the option of simply using an old phone.

There is no way around it: You’ll need a new phone, no matter how badly your current one is damaged or how long it has been out of service. Hidden away in a drawer, they’re generally easy to discover. If you don’t have access to an old phone, ask a family member or acquaintance if they do. Requesting a temporary replacement for your phone while you decide what to do with your broken screen is easy.

Remove the corner of the protector to check if the screen is damaged

A “shatterproof” screen protector may have shattered, but your screen might still be good if you remove the protection. Observe the fracture at a 65- to 85-degree angle away from you. Peel up a corner of the screen protector to have a closer look if you think it’s cracked.

Remove the screen protector if the protector is damaged, but the screen is not. If your screen is damaged, but the screen protector has come off, try to smooth it back down and secure it in place as best you can until you can replace it.

Buy a DIY kit

Phone makers now provide DIY screen repair kits that may be purchased for a fraction of the price of having your phone fixed by a professional. Make an online purchase of a kit for your particular phone model. To swap out your old screen with the new one, follow the included instructions to remove the old one and install the new one. Be aware that even if you follow the directions to the letter, you may not get the results you want.

It’s possible to erase scratches from your screen using toothpaste and a cotton swab, but there are no foolproof methods for restoring a broken screen. Depending on the model, this may or may not take place. To remove and replace the screen, you’ll have to follow the instructions that came with the kit.

Pay for screen repair

You can repair your phone screen by paying some money to any mobile repairing shop. You can also get this facility by approaching the mobile’s manufacturing company, but their cost will be more than the local market. If you don’t want to repair the phone, then you can sell your phone to fund a replacement.

Get a screen protector

To prevent further deterioration, invest in a screen protector and protective case. Purchase a phone protector online or at your local phone retailer. Remove the backing off the adhesive and gently adhere it to your phone screen. To make life simpler and give extra security, you may get a case that has a built-in screen protector.