No one changes their TV every month. It is a once in many years buy and should be bought carefully. While looking for a good resolution, decent sound quality, and a pocket-friendly price, you can’t neglect the importance of screen size when purchasing a TV. This guide is written to let you realize how important screen size is when choosing a TV. 

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Screen Size Impacts Eye-sight

A survey conducted in 2021 showed that Americans between ages 18 to 24 spend almost 3 hours/day watching TV. A wrong screen size directly impacts the eyes for 3 hours daily on average. If the screen size is too small, the viewer’s eyesight will get affected because of sitting close to it. The eyesight would be disturbed if the screen is too big and the viewer’s distance from the screen is greater than required. To know what size would go well for you, just decide where to place the new TV. Calculate the distance from the TV placement to the sitting couch of the viewer. Divide this distance by 2.5 to get the right screen size of the TV.

Screen Size is Crucial for Space Management

When purchasing a new TV, don’t overlook the space of the room you are buying the TV for. A big sized TV screen in a small room or a small TV screen in a big room, both are unacceptable. But what about the resolution that would be compromised if you go for a comparatively smaller screen? Thanks to advancements in technology, small screen smart TVs with HD resolutions are now available in the market. 

The bigger screen means a heavier one. If the TV is to be mounted on the wall, the bigger screen TV will give a nice look, of course, but it would be equally heavy, making it difficult to fix. Although the TVs nowadays in the market are much lighter than the older Cathode Ray Tube ones, still the screen has its weight that you can’t overlook. It is recommended to look for a lightweight screen to be mounted. If it needs to be placed on a table with a stand, you can go for the heavier screen.

Screen Size Affects the Budget

Buying a bigger screen with better resolution might become a burden on your pocket. Even if you go for a small screen smart TV that offers 4k HD resolution, the price would be higher than the small screens with standard resolution. This is because the hardware and the mini processors used in the small screens to produce high resolution are more expensive than standard components. Also, if you are looking for a lightweight screen, it will be comparatively expensive because of the components used to create a lightweight device.

Consider the Screen Size for Kids

Suppose you have kids at home and you want their allowed screen time to be in front of the TV rather than a mobile phone or a tablet. In that case, the screen size should be your top priority when looking for a new T.V. Either they want to watch their favorite show, play the game on a smart TV, or you have planned a movie night to keep them busy on a rainy day, the well-sized screen with good resolution and view angle should be taken care of. 

The Final Verdict

There is no hard and fast rule for selecting a screen size when buying a new T.V. But this is for sure that if you don’t choose a TV according to the space of the room, viewing distance, weight, and resolution, you might want to replace your purchase that is not a good idea.