Many people believe giving cash as a gift is the easy way out. And although giving cash is simpler than spending hours searching for that ideal gift for your loved one, it’s not the only reason why it is a great option.

Here are some benefits of giving cash as a gift, that’ll help you decide if that’s the right route for you.

Gifting Money Is Easier Than Finding Presents

As we already mentioned in our intro – gifting money is simply much easier than finding a gift. That makes it a perfect option as a last-minute gift. It’s also a convenient idea when you don’t know what to get that person. It takes a lot of stress from your hands and is much better than getting a gift that the person won’t use. Also, studies have shown that money is the one gift that people love receiving the most.

Giving Money Allows Them To Buy Something They Want

Not many people have a lot of money to spend on themselves. After paying groceries, bills, and other monthly obligations – they don’t have a lot left. That can be quite frustrating, especially when someone is working hard. 

If you were ever in this kind of situation, you know receiving money always felt good. You can tell the receiver you want them to spend that money on something they want. Whether it’s clothes, a massage, or a road trip – let them know they’re not allowed to spend the money on anything but their own pleasure. That way they will allow themselves to spend money on whatever they want, without feeling guilty afterward.

Giving Money Can Help Someone In Struggling Times

These years, many people have lost their jobs. In this case – they don’t only struggle to find money to treat themselves, but sometimes don’t even manage to pay for their basic needs.

Giving cash is the best option if you know someone like this. It’ll help them to feel a bit calmer during this hard period of their life. Although your gift won’t turn their financial situation upside down, they will still appreciate the much-needed boost to their wallet.

Gifting Cash Is Perfect For Some Occasions

Weddings are one of the major occasions where gifting money is even better than buying something. There are two reasons for that. The first is that there will be many guests, so it’s hard to think of something original. The other is that they’re starting a new life, and will need a lot of cash both to cover the wedding and to furnish their new home. 

The other occasions where the receiver will love getting cash is children’s and teens’ birthdays. Giving money will allow them to learn how to spend responsibly. Additionally, teens and young adults usually don’t have a lot of their own money which makes them the most excited to receive it, instead of other gifts.

How To Gift Cash As Gift

Although there are many reasons why giving money can be a good idea, some people still consider it tacky and rude. To avoid feeling awkward when gifting money, try to think of fun and creative ways to deliver it.

For example, you can give them a thoughtful note. Write down how you feel about them and how much you appreciate them. You can also include money in your other gifts. For example, you could fill a basket with candy, beauty products, or something else, and hide the bills between them. 

There are many other creative ways to give money. Search for information online or think about what that person would like, and we’re sure you’ll think of something they’ll love receiving.