Thinking of tying the knot with your special one anytime soon? You must have come across the question “what kind of wedding do you want”. We take a look at the benefits of have a cozy “small wedding” or a crazy “large wedding”

Benefits of a big wedding

  1. Invite your entire family and friends list 

When you’re planning a big wedding celebration, you really don’t have to spend hours paring down your guest list. Invite distant friends and co-workers you want to reconnect with without batting an eyelid. There’ll be no more fights or discussions with the family about who should be excluded from the final guest list. 

  1. Dance the night away at a big wedding

Big weddings are great if you like to dance, sing and generally just have a gala time. Don’t expect to be able to sit and have a quiet dinner at a big wedding. If you enjoy a dance and you’re invited to a big wedding celebration, you’re likely to have a blast. 

  1. No guest list arguments

Creating a small guest list can be a surprisingly difficult task for those with big families and a long friends list. Also, the number of guests from both the brides’ and grooms’ side has to be decided in advance and is often a touchy topic. These guest list discussions can be completely avoided if you choose to have a big wedding celebration. 

  1. Guests enjoy the fun of a big wedding

If you choose to go for a small wedding, your friends and family may have questions about why some people were not invited. Yet, at a big celebration where no one is excluded, all guests will have someone to have a blast with. 

Benefits of a small wedding

  1. Spend more quality time with close friends and family

If you don’t like the thought of saying hello to hundreds of guests, a small wedding might be the right choice for you. A small gathering enables you to mingle and share meaningful conversation with all invitees. Your close friends and family get your undivided attention at an intimate celebration. 

  1. Easy to plan and less stress for all those involved

Aside from the problem of overshooting an already bloated wedding budget, larger weddings are tiresome and involve a lot more planning and coordination. If the wedding is a small, intimate celebration, the bride, groom and other family members involved in planning it will avoid the high stress and drama of a big wedding. 

  1. Small budgets work for small weddings

If you don’t have a huge budget set aside for your wedding, a small wedding might be ideal for you. By reducing the guest list, you can afford to treat your guests to a lovely sit down dinner with drinks and dessert whilst keeping your overall cost in check. 

  1. Destination weddings are easier to plan for smaller guest lists

An up and coming trend is “small destination weddings”. If you’re hooked on the idea of a destination wedding, planning a smaller, more intimate celebration is a great option considering that many destinations have attractive packages available for such occasions. A small destination wedding is easy to plan and affordable if you snap up a good deal. 

  1. Remember the big day by keeping it small

The bride and groom will rarely remember their wedding day if they have a big wedding. A small wedding allows you to enjoy the occasion and avoid frivolous polite conversation with distant acquaintances. 

At the end of the day, the decision on the type of wedding really comes down to what the bride and groom want. All we can say is, keep it classy.