Bathroom renovation can be a dream for a lot of people. The reasons for it might be different but some of them might be for the fixing of the plumbing system, changing of outdated decor or tiles, or maybe you want to upgrade to the heated floors and luxurious feel of a modern bathroom. 

Whatever the reasons might be here are some crucial considerations before starting your dream bathroom renovation:

Create a mood board

Knowing your style and what you want your bathroom to look like after renovation is the only guarantee that you will get exactly what you want. Creating a mood board has multiple benefits for you and all the stakeholders in the renovation process. Mood boards are the single point of reference for you, your designers, contractors, or handymen. 

Spending time on research of your style and creating a mood board may seem time-consuming and unnecessary but, in our opinion, it is crucial and can make or break the process of renovation. Once you know the exact look of your future bathroom and have pictures to reference, you have all the information to correctly communicate the information to your contractors and set yourself for success.

Set a budget

The second pivotal part of planning is creating a budget for the renovation. Generally, before starting any renovation on your home you should always know your budget. Because without it you’re going blindly into the unknown world. Try to research the prices of any service or product you’ll need. Set aside some amount of your budget for unexpecting expenditure. Know exactly how much are you willing to pay for the whole renovations process and most importantly consult the professional contractors. This brings me to the third point of consideration

Hire professionals to do the job

If you’re not a professional yourself you should always hire professional contractors or handymen. This too requires a quate bit of research. Bathroom renovation is generally a long process and you have to consider what kind of people are you letting in your home. Trust the professionals that have experience and are trusted in your community, read the reviews on the internet, and trust your gut. Other than choosing trusted professionals, you should also require a valid license from the contractors you decide to hire.

Other than big decisions to think about, here are some practical advice that is important in the process of a bathroom renovation and should also consider thinking about them:

  1. Slip-resistant flooring – The bathroom is a slippery room and you should choose proper tiles that don’t slip when getting wet. Choose slip-resistant materials.
  2. Cabinetry – Choose quality materials. The bathroom is also the most humid place in our home, and cabinets get used on daily basis. So choosing expensive but quality materials for cabinetry is efficient in the long run.
  3. Lighting – Generally, bathrooms are the places where you want to have natural, “daylight” fluorescent, LED, or halogen light. This kind of lighting makes applying makeup or grooming easier. If you want to create a particular ambiance in your bathroom, choose decorative and accent lights for that.
  4. Paint, tile, and wallpaper – As we have already said bathrooms are mostly humid. Even though there are modern technology wallpapers that are resistant to humidity, it’s better to opt for tiles and water bathroom paint. The reasoning behind this is that there is a minimum chance of molding and germs.


To sum up, everything that has been stated above, bathroom renovation is a lengthy process and you should be ready for it both financially and mentally. It’s always better to be prepared in advance. Know your budget, know your style, and have the references for it, so everyone is on the same page. Be prepared for unexpected spending and time delays. Hire professional that you can trust and have faith in the process.