The rug is probably the best way for updating the look of your room or pulling everything together and giving the room a sense of completeness. Although it might seem that this one piece of furnishing can drastically transform the look of your home, it is very easy to choose the wrong kind of rug and completely mess up the interior.

Rugs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials and are known to be difficult to choose. In this article, we will try to give you some practical advice that hopefully will help you in the process of finding the best rug for your home.

Explore the room

Before committing to the specific rug and paying a lot of money for it, you should always measure your room. Nothing is more unattractive than a rug that doesn’t fit the room and furniture right. A general rule of thumb is that there should always be approximately 4 to 8 inches of the bare floor all around the rug. 

Always aim for rug sizes that reach at least the front feet of your chairs and sofas. Avoid the floating-looking rugs that don’t even touch the furniture. The main purpose of a rug is to combine and create an area that brings all the furniture together. A great tip that can help you in the process of determining rug size is to lay out the newspapers or papers in the shape and the size that best fits your room. This way you can make changes and end up with the perfect measurements without spending a dime.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of traffic a specific room gets. For example, hallways, kitchens, and living rooms tend to get more footfall, thus they need more sturdy rugs that are easy to clean up. This brings us to the next point.

Choose the right material for the rug

Rugs are made of different fibers, some more hard-wearing and easy to clean and some not. Here is the list of more durable fibers:

  1. Acrylic is cheaper than wool and can be woven to look like wool. It’s hard-wearing and easy to clean, sheds less than wool, and is maintained easier;
  2. Woll is a natural fiber, and extremely soft and enjoyable. It is very durable and easy to clean, it is also extremely heat resistant, and that’s why a lot of people choose to place them at the fireplace;
  3. Polypropylene is another synthetic fiber that can be made very soft. It is very easy to maintain and is for high-traffic areas. 

Less durable fibers:

  1. Cotton is a less durable fiber than polypropylene, jute, or sisal but it’s the softest of all. You can use cotton rugs in low-traffic areas.
  2. Viscose is also a less durable fiber. Its main benefit is the luxurious sheen finish. Usually, viscose is mixed with wool to make it more durable, but generally, it isn’t recommended for high-traffic rooms.

Color and pattern

Other than pulling the room together, rugs can give you that accent color that your room needs. Choosing a pattern or solid color that attracts the eye can change the whole look and feel of your home. You should always consider your style and the look you’re going for.


To sum up, everything that has been stated above, a rug is a monumental part of your room. A colorful rug can evoke the curiosity of your guests and can be a great conversation starter. Generally, rugs are priced high, and buying a rug is considered an investment. So before committing to a particular rug, measure your room, measure the area which it will cover, think about the purpose of it and how much upkeep are you willing to do. Only after considering all these factors, you can buy the best rug for your home.