If you’re thinking about creating your own website then you are in for a treat because with a website builder, you can put together a web design based on a template. These website builders come with built-in hosting services or external hosting providers, which can make sure your website is fast enough, with plenty of uptime, for a minimal monthly fee.

However, there’s another hosting option that many people hesitate about and consider challenging or like too much of a burden and its hosting website yourself. Web hosting can usually be costly and many people wonder, “Do I need web hosting?” 

The short answer is that you need web hosting if you want to have a website and may feel better about the expense involved if you understand what website hosting is all about.

What is Web Hosting?

Every website that exists on the web takes up physical space on a web server. Even though we don’t think much about those servers they are a necessary part and the service they provide for websites is related to storing and making the website’s content accessible to people around the world, and that is what we call web hosting.

In short, all websites on the internet need hosting of one kind or another and to make your website accessible to internet users, you will need a hosting plan.

Do I Need A Web Hosting Service?

Most web hosting companies provide web hosting services that own and maintain many servers and allow customers to essentially rent space on them. Your web hosting service would charge you for either monthly or annual fees for that space, in return, they will continue hosting your website on their servers.

4 Different Types of Web Hosting Services

Since you have a basic understanding of how hosting works at a basic level, let’s take a look at four different kinds of hosting services you can choose from. The suitable service for your website will depend on your individual needs and budget.

  1. Shared Hosting

For beginners shared hosting is a relatively cheap option. Under this plan, you rent a space on a server that will be shared with a  number of other websites that use the same provider. However, be sure to compare your security and bandwidth needs with your hosting provider offers, because they might put some limits on your website’s traffic.

  1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

This kind of hosting is similar to shared hosting in many ways, as your website is still sharing servers with other websites, but with fewer than on a share plan, so you get access to a larger share of the server. This service is more expensive than shared hosting; however, it is an excellent option for smaller e-commerce sites that get too much traffic and a more secure environment for their customers. Then VPS is the next step for you because it’s highly scalable, and more resources can be allocated to your site as it grows.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

With this hosting, you no longer have to share your website with any other websites. You get a dedicated server, which gets you all the resources, bandwidth, and storage. This hosting service is by far the most expensive hosting option.

  1. E-Commerce Hosting Plans

If you run an e-commerce business and sell products through your website, then an e-commerce hosting plan will provide you with all the features you need to do so securely. This service will provide you with: shopping cart functionality, checkout functionality, and a way to accept secure payments.

What About Free Web Hosting?

You may have come across online some free platforms, where you can build your website and also provide free web hosting services. These free hosting services are worth checking out if you’re starting a website for fun and are not too concerned about building it into something long-lasting or profitable.

Yes, You Need A Web Hosting Service

If your goals for your website are beyond having a little fun with it, then you need to know that web hosting is needed and It’s a small cost for the security and control you’ll get out of the deal.