Cricket is a global sport that is increasing in popularity and as a result, many new fans of the game are wanting to get involved in the sport and start playing for a club. Meanwhile, the existing players are hoping that they can one day pull on the jersey of their national team and represent their country on the global stage.

If you not only love watching this game but also love playing it and want to transform this zeal and enthusiasm of yours into a professional career. This blog can answer your question of “why you should join a cricket team”

Professional Opportunies

Not everyone joining a club cricket team need to pursue the sport professionally, but the experience and networking you build during tours, training sessions, and tournaments will help you throughout your career.


When you join a cricket team, you don’t need to set aside time for regular practice sessions or spending hours in the gymnasium and nutritional habits because these habits get ingrained in your daily schedule and you naturally maintain your fitness.

Scholarship and Awards

Many colleges provide scholarships dedicated to sports players. These scholarships add an incentive for you to improve and ensure that you secure admission at top universities.

Chance To Get Elite Training Opportunities

If you join cricket club teams, you get to travel to new cities and countries and also get to train at world-class facilities. You also go to regional, national, or even international tournaments and get a chance to explore the new places they visit during tournaments.

Support Staff To Motivate

You get to interact with experienced coaches who have seen and trained many cricketers and can guide you to greater success. Training under such coaches can help you guide to greater success and correct you when going down the wrong path.

Big Audience

Playing a match to showcase your talent to a big audience and getting noticed by the people increase your confidence. Showing good sportsmanship in the national or international tournament can get you noticed by national selectors and might pick you for the national team itself or at least a good corporate career.

Preparation For Life

Cricket is a team sport, when you play matches with a team, everyone has their part to play, and this teaches to win in a gracious manner and to also accept defeat with good sportsmanship. Playing in a team teaches important concepts like teamwork, leadership, and discipline. These experiences teach you immensely to prepare for tackling challenges throughout your whole life.


Getting into a cricket club team is tough as cricket is a very popular sport and many people want to play the game now. As cricket has become popular, this brings instant recognition and is an ice breaker.

Playing Under Pressure

Playing a cricket game can be very challenging and you face lots of pressure during the game. If you ever lose a match you also face many criticisms from people. But pushing through all of this makes you prepared for life and the challenges down the road.