Feature or accent walls however you want to call them are great interior design savers. If you’ve been hearing about them for a long time and don’t really know what actually feature walls are, here we are to help you figure out the what, whys, and hows of accent walls. 

But before we start the main advice we would give is that if your room is too small, you should always opt for the same colored walls. If you decide to do the feature wall in your small space, chances are, the room will feel overcrowded and even smaller than before.

What are feature walls?

Generally speaking, a feature wall is an interior or even exterior wall that is painted in a different color, texture, or design from the other walls surrounding it. Accent walls can be painted as well as be covered with wallpaper. A good feature wall creates a point of attention attraction and is very successful in uniting or differentiating the space.

The main purpose of a feature wall is to transform the plain, underwhelming feel of the room and create the mood, excitement, and personality that the homeowner wants.

Why are feature walls so popular?

The popularity of an accent wall has been growing rapidly because of its versatility and the general influence it can have in changing the look and feel of your home. If you have a large room that doesn’t look complete or has a feeling of all over the place, chances are that you need something or one place that can attract attention. 

This is what essentially feature walls do. They attract the attention or create the division between spaces in large rooms, for example, if you have a large open kitchen and lounge area, a good accent wall can be the divider or spaces. 

How to paint feature wall?

Now you know what are feature walls and how they can transform your home. It’s time to create a magical space defined by an accent wall by yourself. There are several steps to a successful painting job.

  1. Know the exact design and look that you’re going for;
  2. Put down a dusting sheet as close to the wall as possible. This step will ensure that your floor and surrounding don’t get messy, so don’t skip over this one;
  3. Prepare the wall by cleaning with soap and a sponge and letting it dry completely;
  4. Apply the masking tape to the perimeters of the accent wall. If needed use the masking tape to cover light switches and plug sockets;
  5. Using a paintbrush paint the perimeter, slightly overlap the paint with the masking tape;
  6. Put paint into the roller tray, load the roller with the paint and paint the wall in the shape of V. This will ensure that the paint is evenly distributed;
  7. Let the paint dry with the recommended time;
  8. Apply the second coat;
  9. Remove the tape at 90 degrees angle while the second coat is still wet. This will ensure that you end up with crisp edges;
  10. Enjoy the masterpiece that you did by yourself, woohoo…


Now you know what the magic behind feature walls are, you know why they are so popular, and know how to do it yourself. If you feel that your home is a little bit plain, and want to improve the personality or the feel of it, by now you should know what to do about it. What are you waiting for? Do your research, create a Pinterest board of your dreams, and commit. You can do it.