The critical question every business owner, both small and big, must ask him or herself is “Which social media platforms should my business be on?”

Here are some key questions you must ask of yourself before putting your business on social media:

What is your goal?

It’s important to define what you’re looking for from your online audience. Are you looking for greater reach? Or brand awareness? Or leads for your business? If your brand is very visual, Instagram or TikTok might work well for it. If your brand is centered around current events, then Twitter might be a useful platform. And if your brand needs a combination of video and other media, YouTube or LinkedIn might be the right fit. 

What social media channels does my prospective customer use?

There is no smart reason to use a social media channel for your business that your audience doesn’t. A simple analysis of your audience’s age, gender and interests will point you in the right direction vis-a-vis your choice of social media. An effective way of reaching out to your prospective customers would be via a survey. You could ask your customers which social media sites/apps that they use most often, celebrities or influencers who they follow and where they gather their information from online. 

What kind of content does my brand/business create?

It’s important to consider what kind of content resonates with your business. They type of content could include:

  1. Blog posts- descriptive articles and blogs to engage with your audience.
  2. Podcasts- discussions with industry leaders to tap into their audience and build your own credibility.
  3. Testimonials- favorable opinions and reviews of your customers.
  4. Webinars- live video sessions with your audience with a Q & A at the end. 
  5. User-generated content- UGC is your users giving your business a shout-out, quite literally!
  6. Video- videos, especially those that have the potential to go viral, can amplify your brand’s reach exponentially. 
  7. Images- Photos of behind-the-scenes, your business process, the team and more can do wonders for your engagement stats. 

What is the sweet spot between your goals, your audience and your content strategy?

Once you’ve narrowed down on your goals, defined your online audience better and have a clear content strategy, you might want to choose from the following platforms:

Facebook for Business

The largest social media platform with about 2.89 billion active users. America and India represent the largest user bases for Facebook globally. When it comes to business, Facebook is an extremely useful platform for lead generation and effective targeting of your prospective audience. Facebook is also a great place to personalize your brand, share real stories and turn your followers into true fans. 

WhatsApp for Business

With over 2 billion active users globally, WhatsApp is a platform that most businesses simply cannot afford to ignore anymore. WhatsApp has a neat “catalog feature” where businesses can showcase their products to prospective customers. The messaging platform has been found to be especially useful for customer service. 

Instagram for Business

Over 500 million users look at Instagram stories each day. Active users stand at 1.2 million on Instagram, with engagement levels sky-high on the platform. “Live videos” are now a very popular form of engagement for brands and individuals alike. E-commerce businesses can make use of the Instagram Shop option.   

YouTube for Business 

A whopping 2 billion people actively use YouTube and about three-fourths of American adults are active on the platform. YouTube’s potential to lift your business is further exemplified by the fact that it is the second most visited site after Google. Advertising on YouTube might lead to more conversions for your business, as viewers are much more engaged on the video sharing platform. 

Social media has become an indispensable tool for business owners to reach wider and newer audiences each day. Business owners are advised to dive straight in and decide on specific platforms that can give them an edge in the crowded online space.