Is your lawn maintenance routine turning out to be a pain in the… grass? If it seems you neer get a break from mowing, weeding and fertilizing your lawn, it may be time you consider fake grass or artificial turf. 

10 reasons to consider fake grass or turf include:

The (fake) grass is always greener

Hard to believe but fake grass or artificial turf is a much greener option than the real thing. Today’s artificial grass has improved leaps and bounds and also looks and feels nearly as good as real grass. 

The instant “lush” look

Now you do not have to water your lawn and spray fertilizer everywhere and hope for a lush garden. Your perfect emerald green lawn can be readied in a matter of days, depending on the area you are looking to cover. 

No more watering worries

Watering a garden is not always cheap. Dwindling water supply and restrictions in certain areas also make watering your lawn a challenging task. Installing a fake grass garden can save valuable resources, for you as well as the planet. 

Fewer allergies

A common reason people get seasonal allergies… grass! An artificial garden eliminates the allergens that may cause a runny nose, itchy eyes and coughing. Breathe easy with fake grass and forget those allergy pills. 

It’s truly a hardy alternative

If you have kids or pets, you will know how much they love running around, jumping and digging around the garden. Also, for those with dogs, pet waste can be toxic and prevent most varieties of real grass from flourishing in your garden. Struggling to maintain your garden in such circumstances might be a frightening ordeal for most people. Investing in a beautiful fake grass garden will make your life a lot easier  whilst giving your kids and pets a wonderful space to express themselves in.  

It’s really a “green” option

You might not know that fake grass may actually be an environmentally friendlier option than real grass. Artificial turf or fake grass eliminates the need to use artificial pesticides and excess fertilizer, both of which harm the environment. The problem of yard waste, which is caused by regular mowing and clipping of a real lawn, is also solved if you go for artificial turf. Interestingly, some varieties of fake grass are made from recycled materials and hence are doubly good for the environment.   

No sun, no worries

Praying for the sun to shine or hoping that your neighbor prunes his tree’s branches are not problems you’ll have if you go for a fake grass garden. Fake grass works well in dark areas of your garden as well as landscaped or rocky slopes. 

Mowing, what’s that

If you don’t like the idea of mowing your garden on a regular basis, fake grass is an ideal choice. With fake grass you can do away with the army of tools such as a lawnmower, sprinklers, shovels, spreaders and many more. 

It’s always well maintained

Synthetic turf or fake grass in some cases is designed to last upto 15 years. You can use it freely for exercise, sports and a host of other activities without worrying about how it will look after rough use. Weeding, seeding, watering and mowing are all passed if you have an artificial lawn. 

Pesky pests no more

Without soil and mud, you will see fewer insects in your lawn. With fewer insects, you will naturally see far fewer snakes, moles and gophers, the pests which eat those insects. 

Investing in an artificial garden will definitely seem to be a steep investment at first. But calculating the costs saved via mowing, gardening and the cost of water, fake grass will prove to be a great investment in the long term.