Your doctor is your regular go-to person when you have to navigate the world of unfamiliar medical terms and continue to lead a healthy and happy life. The top nine reasons you must have a regular doctor are:

To keep an eye on your health

Your regular doctor doesn’t just take care of you when you are sick, he/she is meant to help you stay healthy at all times. A regular check up of your vitals and annual, bi-annual full body check ups ensure you stay away from chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

To assist in management of chronic illnesses

One of the leading causes of death, disability and rising healthcare costs globally, is the increase in people with chronic conditions. Some of the most common chronic illnesses include high blood pressure, diabetes, pulmonary disorders and arthritis. A capable physician will help you manage any pre-existing conditions better. 

To monitor your medical history

The longer your regular doctor has known you for, the likelier it is that he or she is able to identify trends in your health and any underlying issues you may have. Your entire file, with details of your lab reports and screenings will be with your regular physician at all times.  

To refer specialists, if need be

There will be times that you may need specialized help and your regular doctor’s inputs are not sufficient. Your regular doctor will provide you wide access to specialists including oncologists, neurologists and more. In addition to connecting you to these specialists, your doctor will ensure they receive all important information about your medical history to be able to treat you better. 

To help you lower your healthcare costs

It is a fact that regular visits to your doctor should actually reduce your healthcare costs. By regularly seeing your doctor, you are increasing the chances of nipping certain health issues in the bud and therefore reducing your long term cost of healthcare. 

To stay is top shape

Multiple studies have shown that people who have a regular doctor are in better health than those who don’t. Your doctor encourages you to take the right precautions throughout the year as well as undertake regular screenings for various chronic diseases like cancer

Fewer hospital visits

Rushing to the hospital or the emergency room can be a scary experience. Visiting your doctor on a regular basis can result in fewer hospitalizations and hospital visits. Any delays can be critical and sometimes fatal when it comes to illness. 

Routine check-ups and monitoring

Once or twice a year your regular doctor will ask to see your blood work. Your blood work reports will help your doctor monitor blood sugar levels, cholesterol as well as functions of important organs like the liver and kidneys. 

Friendly communication 

The heart of every good relationship is good communication. This applies to your relationship with your regular doctor as well. It is important to have a frank communicative relationship with your doctor, so that courses of treatment are discussed in detail for chronic as well as passing health conditions. 

Whatever may be your age and current health, it is advisable for you to see your doctor on a regular basis. There are things you may miss that are spotted by your doctor instantly. As they say “a stitch in time saves nine”.