Having more time to do the things you love can come from freeing yourself from mundane and often painful tasks such as cleaning your home. You can definitely free up more time for yourself to workout, spend more time with the family or simply just relax by hiring an efficient and trustworthy cleaner for your home. 

Here are four points to help you find a reliable and trustworthy cleaner for your home:

Make a complete list of tasks you need help with

When it comes to finding the right cleaner, it’s important to know exactly what tasks you want done. Make a complete list of your specific home cleaning needs such as cleaning the floors, tidying/organizing the cupboards, doing the laundry and more.

The cleaner you hire will have to be asked of his/her willingness as well as ability to do the tasks on your cleaning wishlist. Remember, not all cleaners offer the entire range of cleaning services. If you have any specific requests of cleaners you are interviewing such as helping with some heavy lifting, make sure to mention them at the outset. 

Ask the right questions

Even if you get a “highly recommended” cleaner from one of your friends or family, make sure you do a little more probing. Since there are no such “professional standards” or qualifications when it comes to cleaning, you can check on a cleaner’s level of professionalism by verifying the following details:

  • Insurance: does your cleaner have insurance cover that protects you from any legal or monetary trouble? 
  • Service satisfaction guarantee: does the cleaner offer a guarantee of the quality of his/her cleaning job?
  • What happens when the cleaner misses a day/job: does the cleaner accept a pay cut if he/she is unwell and misses a day of planned cleaning?
  • Previous jobs done: has the cleaner done many jobs similar to the one you have in mind? Does he/she have good client reviews to show you?  

Specify your preferences

Don’t leave your cleaner in the dark on the way you like things done in your home. Tell your cleaner at the very beginning, if there is a particular way you like things done. We recommend staying and supervising your cleaner during his/her first clean. You will be able to give your cleaner a number of inputs on how things are to be arranged, where the linens go and the overall priority of tasks to be done during the day. 

Speak up if you feel something isn’t quite right 

Clear communication is key to getting the best value from your cleaner. Remember to speak up and tell your cleaner when you don’t like the way something has been done. If you don’t tell your cleaner that he or she is doing something wrong at the very beginning, you might be frustrated getting him/her to do things differently later. 

Alternatively, you could choose a cleaning service or agency to help with your house cleaning needs. A few tips to help you pick the right agency are:

  1. Get references from family and friends
  2. Check out online reviews of cleaning services
  3. Check for insurance and worker’s compensation details 
  4. Verify their experience and past work
  5. See a full list of services they offer
  6. Check on the due-diligence the company does on it’s own cleaning staff
  7. Find out whether the company brings cleaning supplies or whether you have to keep them ready
  8. Read the entire “terms of service” of the cleaning company

Getting your home cleaned by a trustworthy cleaner or cleaning agency is a great way to save time whilst getting your home into tip-top germ-free shape!