It is a struggle to know what to do, what equipment to use, and what tools are needed for gardening, especially for beginners. Even seasoned gardeners and landscapers require skills and proper tools in maintaining their gardens. 

For sure, you are aware that before digging the grounds, planting seeds and flowers—you need to buy a few tools to get started. However, you don’t need an entire gardening tool collection to keep your garden and plants healthy. Instead, you only need the essential gardening tools we’ll provide on this list, and you’re good to start and maintain your beautiful dream garden.

Gardening Gloves

You might face risks when doing gardening work, especially with your hands. Most of the time, you will perform gardening duties with your hands—picking flowers—worse with splinters and thorns, grabbing the soil to be put in a pot, cleaning the area, and touching many things. 

For further protection, you can use gardening gloves. They will keep your hands clean while aiding in preventing blisters and scrapes. 


A shovel is among the essential tools you need since it makes gardening easier and flawless. Gardening is more than planting and watering because, in reality, you need to dig the soil, adding and removing composite materials, fertilizers, and mulch. Hence, a sturdy and good quality shovel comes in handy when you replace and carry large quantities of soil, take out much trash and leaves scattered in your garden, excavate a deep hole, and even load the garden with various components.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a mini version of the shovel, wherein it is useful when working with small things like digging holes for planting, transferring the seedling to other pots, and splitting up soil and dirt clumps. Thus, you need to have a trowel with a strong link between the blade and the grip to use them easily while preventing hand fatigue.

Kneepad Cushion

Gardening requires you to be on your knees all time while arching your back. So, it’s not entirely comfortable to do all the gardening work, even if you don’t have a knee or back problem. However, using kneepad cushions, you won’t feel the effect of the hard ground or even strain your back. It will also keep you clean while protecting your knees from bruises and ground scratches. 


A wheelbarrow is a type of tool that will be with you while carrying your other tools—from one side of the garden to the other. If you’re doing heavy loads of gardening work, this tool helps you transport things without hand-carrying them.

Garden Fork

Garden Fork is the most suitable gardening tool to aerate lawns and soil, break and soften the hard ground, remove unnecessary rocks, plants, and bushes, and mix the soil with fertilizer and mixture. It can penetrate easily to the rough ground because of how sharp and thin its tines are.

Garden Rake

Garden rake makes it simple to flatten and level soil, eliminate grasses and plants, and smoothen the planting area. It is helpful, notably when cultivating and gathering soil and cleaning unnecessary dirt.


Spade has a long, thin, narrow handle with a flat bottom. They help keep the plants in their division, digging soil, replanting and transferring plants, and even shaping and edging the soil bed. 


There are many multifunctional garden tools in the market; amongst these tools is a hoe that will make gardening easy. Hoe come in handy when dealing with soil cultivation, clearing soil beds for planting, and lawn edging.

Watering Can

Watering can is not only for aesthetic, but instead, supply hydration to your flowers and plants. Also, there are many types and varieties of watering cans; however, choose the ones you’re are comfortable with and easy to hold.