Have you worn a pair of jeans and it gave you an ill fit look rather than flattering your body shape? Well we have all been through it and it definitely wasn’t a good feeling. Having a great pair of jeans is one the highlights of a wardrobe and it takes a lot of practice to find that one perfect fit jean. 

See there is no such thing as a pair of bad bodies, only bad jeans. In reality, all you have to do is to understand your body type and then go with a rise that not only flatters but also defines your personal style.

Bootcut Jeans For Pear/Hourglass Shaped Body

See, finding your perfect pair of jeans means you have to understand your body shape first. Which is why guidance is an absolute must.  Now if you have a pear-shaped figure, which means your hip is the widest part in comparison with other body parts, then bootcut jeans are the perfect pair of jeans for you. See this jean is meant to hug the fuller part of your body (e.g. hips) while it goes loose at the bottom half which is why this jean flatters the pear shaped or hourglass bodies so well.

Skinny Jean For All Shapes

The skinny jeans are one pair of jeans that will flatter all shapes be it pear, hourglass, apple, as well as athletic. Contrary to what the name suggests, skinny jeans have nothing to do with your shape, rather the name suggests that the pair of jeans are slimmest at your ankles in comparison with other varieties of silhouettes. Wear them with your over sized or loose tops and look chic.

Straight Leg Jean For Athletic, Apple And Hourglass Shape

Who doesn’t love a straight leg pair of jeans with comfy ballet flats? It is said that straight leg jeans are a nonchalant cousin of the skinny pair of jeans. Which is why it will flatter hourglass, apple and athletic shapes with equal grace. Also, if you are not a skinny jean kind of a person, then go for straight leg jeans with ease because it will rock your body shape equally.

Flared Jean For Pear or Hourglass Shapes

Think of Marilyn Monroe who has a classic hourglass silhouette, that is full bust, pear hips and small waist then go for a pair of jeans that has a flare. A flared jean runs naturally long so, choose a correct inseam and rock that beautiful flared jean. Rock the flared jeans with an oversized top or go ultra-fitted, both styles will give you a chic look.

Boyfriends Jean For Apple And Athletic Shapes

Did you ever imagine why you look so chic in clothes borrowed from boys? The boyfriend jean is a classic example of this anecdote. Since the boyfriend jean comes with a relaxed and droopy fit that provides a little weight to your lower body, hence it looks great on ladies with apple and athletic fit. For a formal look, pair your pair of jeans with a blazer and heels and go for a slimmer cut style.

Low Rise, Mid-Rise Or High-Rise?

Low-Rise: Want to flaunt your curvy hips, sport a low-rise jean. Also, if you want to show off your abs, this hip hugging style will flatter your body like no other. Take for example supermodel Bella Hadid, who rocks low rise jeans with crop tops and tank tops.

Mid-Rise: Known by the name of regular jean cut or mid-rise jean, Mid-rise is one of the most figure-friendly pairs of jeans one can have in their wardrobe. 

High-Rise: A high rise known as retro is basically a very classic of jeans. The high-rise jean is perfect for athletic body styles that have petite waists. This style of jeans looks perfect with tuck-ins and crop tops.