Going out with your girl pals? Getting ready for an official meeting? Seeing someone special? or traveling? The first thing that comes to mind is packing up makeup products which can be quite daunting given we have immense products to choose from. 

It is challenging not just for beginners but for most makeup connoisseurs as well because you want to be seen put together and pretty while keeping minimal products in hand. Since traveling light is the key here, we have curated a list of essential makeup products that should be in your bag next time you are going out.

Chuck the rest and pick a few of these makeup items. 

Sheer Moisturizing Base

A sheer moisturizer will not just help in giving you hydrated skin but will also provide a sheer glow to your beautiful face. Makeup, when applied to hydrated skin, will give an absolutely flawless finish and the products will stay on for a longer period of time. A makeup without a moisturizer is akin to applying products on a dirty canvas and you won’t want to do that, now would you?!! 


Remember when singer Rihanna said, concealers are made to hide dark circles, under eye bags, hangovers, and bad decisions. So yeah concealers are absolutely important to use while going out. Keep a light formula concealer in your makeup bag to have that flawless-looking skin sans any blemishes. 

Tinted Moisturizer Or A BB Cream

See while going out, with makeup, less is genuinely more. Going light on your base is highly recommended by makeup connoisseurs. So, ditch that bottle of foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. If a formal event is lined up, then your favorite foundation in a small travel jar can be placed in your vanity bag. 


Your makeup arsenal is incomplete without a blush or better yet, a cream blush. A blusher perks up your entire face and energizes your complexion like no other. A pop of pink on the apple of your cheeks or a pop of coral blush on your cheeks will give you an instant lifted and invigorated look. The cherry on top, a blusher can be used as a contour, dust on lips for a more matte look doubles as an eyeshadow as well. 

All-In-One Eyeshadow Palette 

Do you know what will make your life much easier while on the go? An all-in-one makeup product. Many big brands have introduced eyeshadow palettes by which you can do many instant looks that would otherwise be impossible with huge palettes.

Lip Balm And Lipstick

An essential part of the makeup bag is your favorite lipstick. Pick shades like nude, pink, coral, berry, and red, and put them in your essential makeup bag. The other idea is to keep a tinted lip balm and reapply on the go. A natural lip balm can work as a multitasker too since it can be applied around the eyes, on the lids, and in any other area. 


For an instantly elevated look, eyeliner is an absolute must-have makeup product that should be in your makeup bag essentials. By eyeliner, it doesn’t just mean black eyeliner but stops underestimating that brown eyeliner and keep that handy because that’s how you can sport a smudged look as well. 

Multitasking Mascara

Eyes are doors to your soul and a beautiful soul needs to be framed well. Long eyelashes really bring out that oomph factor that very few makeup products out. Multi-tasking mascaras are a great way to enhance the eyes without using any eyeshadows and that should be kept in your makeup bag at all times.