It is one of the common problems that everyone faces nowadays. Parents complain about their kids spending too much time on social media. Although social media is good information and an entertainment platform on the same hand, it is becoming the biggest addiction nowadays for youth and kids.

The kids love to spend most of their time in social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp on the top. They may use it for gaming, posting, or watching videos. Sometimes, the kids even find themselves comfortable spending 24 hours on social media profiles without knowing how harmful it can be for them.

In addition, they don’t know the risks and outcomes of using screens for a long time.

Sexting, video games, dramas, movies, and other entertainment ways attract kids using these platforms, and parents are worried about it now. Are you worried about the same for your kids?

Don’t worry; here, we provide a complete guide on how you can handle this situation.

Things to Do When Your Kids are Using Social Media Platforms

Here are some suggestions provided by our professionals on how to handle if your kids are spending too much time on social media.

1. Teach Them with Love

It has been seen that kids often don’t like and follow aggressive behavior. So, don’t try to become angry with them. Instead, be calm for a while and teach them that this is not good for their life and health in the future.

Keep in mind that this is an alarming situation, and as a parent, your role matters a lot, from teaching your kid to following the rules by yourself. For example, if you are awarding them not to use social media for a specific time, make sure that you are not using it at same time. On similar hands, if you bound them not watching a specific ad or video, don’t ever make a mistake watching the same thing yourself.

2. Find Alternative Ways to Make Them Happy and Busy

Another important and most proven way is finding alternative ways to keep your kids happy and busy. For example, if they play games, you should arrange a game at home with family members, including Ludo, Cardboard, or a sport that makes them happy and entertaining. In addition, arrange a meetup with family and their friends. Outdoor activities and tourism can help a lot as well.

3. Make some Strict Rules

It is very common to see some kids are so addicted to social media that they don’t like to spend time with their family or friends, no matter how hard you are trying. In this situation, we recommend making some strict rules for your kids and making sure your kids are following them.

All of your kids should act upon these rules, including the addicted ones and those who use social media for some hours. In this way, the addicted ones feel equality, and now they are most likely to follow these rules.

One of the common mistakes parents makes is they create a rule list but don’t look forward to whether the kids are implementing it exactly or not. So, it’s important to keep an eye out after you decide.


Hence, these are ways to make it easy to distract your kids from using too much social media. Keep an eye on their activities and see their role on social media life.

Sometimes, they may spend their time doing something creative, making them do so if it is. For more information about social media platforms and how to handle kids in different situations, keep reading our latest blogs.