How often and for what purpose do you use your laptop daily? Do you use it to listen to the songs and send important work emails, or does it have to do more for you? Do you use it for the major chunk of the day to do high-end designing and editing or just for an hour or so to spend quality time watching a movie? Your answers to the above questions have a hidden answer to can a tablet replace your laptop or not? 

Still confused? Keep reading to compare the specs of both and decide can a tablet replace your laptop or not?

Tablet Vs. Laptop- Choose As per Your Needs

  1. Tablet Storage Vs. Laptop Storage

If you use your laptop for mere data storage such as images, videos, songs, etc., you can replace your laptop with a tablet. Generally, tablets come with a storage space ranging from 8GB to around 64 GB. 64GB of storage space is more than enough to save data, apps, movies, etc. 

Please note that your tablet storage space won’t be enough to store databases or huge amounts of data. Although the tablets with more than 64GB storage capacity are available, they might become heavy on your pocket for no good use. 

  1. Tablet Screen Size Vs. Laptop Screen Size

The screen size of your gadget matters a lot if you are using it for a major part of your day. Even if you use it for reading books or doing research, an appropriate screen size is necessary for your eyesight. The tablet’s screen size generally goes from 7 to 13 inches, while the laptop screen size ranges from 11 to 17 inches.

If you have a habit of reading while lying in your bed, then yes, it is a good idea to replace your laptop with a tablet. But if you have weak eyesight or some vision problem, we suggest rethinking before making a final decision.

  1. Tablet Portability Vs. Laptop Portability

Carrying a laptop bag daily with a laptop, a detachable keyboard, and a mouse can become a burden for you. How about replacing it with a tablet if it can do all you are doing on your laptop? A tablet with the functionalities of a laptop and the portability of a smartphone can become your travel partner if chosen wisely.

Please consider looking for the storage, OS, and the allowed apps to ensure that the tablet serves the purpose and be worth it. 

  1. Tablet Usability Vs. Laptop Usability

Although the recent tablets are coming with Windows compatibility and good storage capacity, replacing your laptop with a tablet won’t be a good idea if you are a designer or editor by profession. The reason is that even the latest tablets don’t offer the processing power and the freedom of usage required for designing in Photoshop and Premier. Moreover, even a stylus can’t give you the precision you strive for when designing. 

So,  we suggest you stick to your laptop if you are a designer or an editor by profession. 

  1. Tablet Cost Vs. Laptop Cost

If you are running short on budget and want to sell your laptop, we suggest buying a tablet. The laptop is comparatively expensive since it offers more storage, processing power, screen size, and resolution than tablets. Also, the laptops are compatible with most of the wireless peripherals and operating systems, so they are pricier than tablets. 

So, if you are looking for an easy-on-pocket gadget on which you can do basic tasks like internet surfing, reading and typing, you can replace your laptop with a tablet. 

The take-away

If you want portability, less price and basic usage, then yes, a tablet can replace your laptop. But if your daily routine includes lots of designing, editing and high-end gaming, we are afraid the tablet won’t serve the purpose well.