Have you bought a domain but don’t know how to connect your WordPress website to the domain hosting platform? Don’t worry; here is a complete guide for you. It’s very easy; however, some steps must be followed from simple to complex. First of all, you need to make sure that your hosting domain is good enough to handle a large amount of traffic and data on your domain.

If you have not registered the domain yet, register it with your required hosting platform. Also, make sure to choose a perfect domain name related to the articles you are going to publish on it. It should be relevant to your niche or your keyword. For example, if you want to make a domain on a computer, the domain name should be very relevant to a computer or PC. In another case, you can select a domain name that can be a synonym of your niche or which is your niche in actuality.

So, let’s know more about how to connect your WP website with the domain hosting platform:

Connecting a New WordPress Website with Domain Name

  • Log into your hosting domain hosting platform using the right username and password
  • Now open the dashboard of your hosting, which is also named as cPanel i.e., the control panel of hosting
  • Scroll down and find an option that is to create a new site
  • Now enter your domain name, also add a tagline or nickname of your domain if there is any
  • There are multiple options at the control panel; read them all carefully and click on the one which is named “host a new domain that you own.”
  • Enter the domain name and click on the enter button

Connection an Existing WordPress Website with Domain Name

If you already have a WP website and want to host a domain name in it, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Log into your hosting domain name platform using username and password
  • Now again, open dashboard of cPanel and scroll down
  • Find the option which is named as List sites
  • Now click on the name of the site where you want to connect WP
  • Now find the option named Domains and click on add domain button
  • Now a list of options will appear there; click on the option named “Host a new domain that you own.”
  • After adding the domain name, click on the add button

Now your domain name is connected with the WordPress website.

Changing Name Servers

One of the most important steps which most people neglect is that they forget to change domain.

Name servers which are very necessary to change or upgrade. Although, it’s easy but people forget to change or mention the name servers, which are necessary to mention. For this purpose, go to the support or read the guide at the hosting platform. 

They will guide you on how to change name servers or what if you don’t want to change them.

We recommend changing name servers if you want to connect them with Cloudflare, which works as a connection platform and helps fasten the speed of your website or blog. As a result, it’s easy to handle the situation when there is heavy traffic on your website, and the server never gets down.


Above are some necessary steps that help you connect either a new domain or the existing domain to your WordPress website and hosting platform. Follow these steps, and still, if you face any issues, feel free to ask us anytime.

However, to do this, all you need is complete knowledge or experience. If you don’t have enough information, we recommend having an in-depth detail and starting it later.