It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you have probably already heard of the NFL, and if you live in America, you certainly would have a team that you follow. American Football is such a popular sport, all you have to do is look at the crowds that turn out even for just the College Football games to understand just how many people love the sport.

If you are a lover of sport, then American Football will probably be right up your alley, if you haven’t already fallen in love with the sport. But there are many people out there asking why it is so popular! So, have a read on below at some of the many reasons American Football is so popular, not just in America, but also right around the world:

The Super Bowl

The first cab of the rank has to be the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a true spectacle, from the eye watering cost of a 30 second advertisement, to the halftime show, to the actual game, nothing beats the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is when you see the two top teams in the league face off against each other for glory, and it is by far the most popular event on the sporting calendar. 

Game Importance

While the teams in other sporting leagues in America play multiple times per week, the NFL teams only play once. This puts extreme importance on every single game, as there isn’t much room for error if you get off to a bad start. This makes almost every game feel like a sudden death one, and this just helps to build the intensity and atmosphere each week. If you look at other leagues in America, like the NBA, MLB and NHL, each team plays around 100 games in a season, in the NFL, it would be lucky to reach 20 games.

Fantasy Football

Who doesn’t love proving to all their friends and family that they are the best and most knowledgeable about American Football? Well, fantasy football is the perfect way to showcase (and show off) your skills, and it is very popular right around the world. With fantasy football, you become a lot more engaged in what is happening in the games, and also off the field, to ensure all the players in your team are in tip-top shape!

Thanksgiving Football

Two things that go hand-in-hand? American Football and turkey! Americans love their traditions and there is nothing better than sitting yourself down on the couch with a full belly and watching Thanksgiving Football. Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the US and many Americans keep the tradition alive each and every year by gathering up all their family and friends for a Thanksgiving meal, as well as a viewing of the game.


Yes, it is true that pretty much every sport in the world has rivalries of some sort, but it just seems to be taken to another level in the NFL, especially when you take into account the fans of each team. Some of the major rivalries in the NFL include; the Packers vs the Bears, the Raiders vs the Steelers and the Washington Football Team vs the Cowboys. Fans of the opposing teams DO NOT like each other, and this builds for even more drama in each and every game the teams play.

Underdog Stories

We all love a good underdog story, and we get to see a lot when watching American Football, which is why it is so popular. All it takes is one hail mary pass to stick, and the team that every expert in the world said was going to lose actually ends up winning. There are shock wins each and every week in the NFL, so you will not be disappointed.