Are you among the 3.6 billion people who have a smartphone? Are the latest 5G technology, high-resolution cameras, and beautiful designs compelling you to replace your smartphone with a new one? You are not alone. 70% of mobile owners tend to replace their devices every two years. 

But wait! Which is one to choose? Samsung or iPhone? Choosing between the two best has always been a difficult task. We have created a fair comparison between the iPhone and Samsung Android phone features to make this choice more manageable. 

Give this blog a read before your final decision!


The latest iPhone 13 Pro Max is worth $1099, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the latest Samsung phone of 2021, costs $1665. You might vote for Samsung as an expensive brand. But there is a flip side. Samsung offers you different ranges with almost the same features. You can choose among cheap, mid-range, and expensive pieces according to your affordability. Apple doesn’t offer you a big price window to choose from.

Battery Life

That anxiety and goosebumps are natural when a ‘low battery’ notification pops up. If your reason for buying the new phone is the battery itself, Samsung wins. It offers a bigger battery size, power, and life when compared to the iPhone. Although Apple’s iOS ensures less battery consumption, Samsung’s battery life is still longer. Also, the charging time of Samsung batteries is far less than iPhone’s. But thanks to power banks, the battery feature might not restrict the Apple buyers.


Samsung has introduced several good-looking phones, from Galaxy S7 to Galaxy Flip Z. Many of the best Samsung Android phones have a more comprehensive range of colors available than iPhone. But still, the look and class of the iPhone are unmatchable. A survey resulted in 56% of people favoring the IPhone’s appearance, while 44% thought otherwise. It’s a plain and simple look that adds class to its owner. 


The iPhone has always won the iPhone vs. Samsung camera battle. Although Samsung cameras have evolved a lot in the zoom, picture resolution, and video quality, the iPhone still has all the bells and whistles. If you are a passionate photographer who prefers a more reliable camera experience, we suggest the iPhone. It captures natural colors well and allows you to edit your photos and videos according to your choice. 


Apple’s Face ID feature may attract you, like Samsung’s Bixby feature. But a closed observation proves both the parts are not as they seem to be. The Face ID feature of Apple confuses twins. It directly costs the security of your set. Also, it was first introduced in 2017 in iPhone X. Samsung Galaxy S3 had this feature back in 2012. But Apple’s Siri voice assistant wins over Bixby. Samsung Bixby was introduced as an alternative to Google assistant in 2017. But it is in no way better than the famous Siri, which has been working since 2011. 

The Ending Note

At the end of 2020, there were reportedly 992 million Samsung users and 833 million Apple users globally. It shows the tremendous amount of market shares occupied by these giant companies. Such a significant number of users on their side prove the reliability, excellent features, and durability they are offering to their customers. 

The choice is all yours. If you are surrounded by family and friends who are loyal Apple buyers, you should preferably go for an iPhone to fit in the ecosystem. Samsung, on the other hand, may add fun to your phone experiences. Take your time, reread the article and choose what best suits you—also, write to us in the comments section, which one you chose and why.

Happy Phoning!