Warm and cosy bed, soothing lights on, curtains on the windows, a mug of coffee, and you are typing a work email or typing your English assignment or enjoying high-end gaming. How relaxing. Isn’t it? But wait! What if you don’t have a laptop and you have to go to the PC desk all the time. Or your computer needs a better replacement. You might be planning to purchase a new one.

Here we are, with the essential aspects to consider before purchasing a new laptop device so that you can continue enjoying the warmth of your bed and taste your coffee without having to rely on desktop machines for your work.

Display Screen Size

If you buy a new laptop for writing/reading tasks or office work, a 12 to 14 inches screen is enough. It would be lightweight too. But to enjoy gaming, video editing and multimedia experiences to their fullest, go for 15 inches or a bigger screen. Nowadays, touchscreen and 360-degree foldable screens are also in the market. Touchscreens are not very useful, so you may go for foldable ones for videoconferencing and multimedia. 


CPU, also called processor, is the brain of your system. The brain needs to work efficiently to make your choice worth it. Intel core processors have got no other match. Core i5 is perfect for regular use. Or you should choose a core i7 or i9 if you are a graphic designer or an animation creator.


Are we the only ones, or do you also keep on checking your laptop’s remaining battery while using it? Ideal battery timing is 12 hours or more on paper. But practically, it depends upon the software you run. For office work or internet surfing, six to eight hours battery life is excellent to go with. Tasks may eat the battery cells a bit quicker during video conferencing, image/video editing, animation creation, etc. 


RAM is the place where all the running apps reside. Bigger RAM size means better multitasking. RAM capacity ranges typically from 4GB to 128 GB. 8GB is usually considered good memory for a laptop. The requirement might increase to 64GB or more if animations or video editing are done frequently on the laptop.


If you are a writer and buying a new laptop for writing, we suggest looking at its keyboard. A keyboard with a reasonable travelling distance between keys will make your typing experience a lot easier. The ideal travel distance between keys is 1mm. 


The Internet has become a basic necessity in this modern era. You might want to peek into your browser now and then during your laptop time. So connectivity is one of many things that makes a good laptop.


You might have heard of two terms, HDD and SSD. Well, both of them are storage devices. As already discussed, the most prominent feature of a laptop is its portability. SSD (Solid State Drive) is better for laptops than HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Even if you drop your device accidentally, the SSD has fewer chances to break because of its fixed structure. Hard disk has moveable plates which may get damaged easily. Look for at least 256 GB SSD. 

Bottom Line

The online work trend has made the laptop a necessary gadget. Choosing a less equipped laptop may ruin your mood, money and peace of mind. So do read the aspects mentioned above once again and make a wise decision. Note that there might be other good laptop specs depending upon its usage that you should take care of. We have mentioned the basic requirements that every budget oriented laptop must fulfil.