Your mom’s birthday is soon, but you still don’t know what to get her? If anyone deserves a thoughtful gift, it’s your mom. She’s always there for you, regardless of your phases, ups, and downs. A birthday gift is a perfect occasion to show her how much you love and respect her.

When picking a perfect gift, think about your mom’s hobbies, interests and needs. Or choose something that symbolizes your love for her. If you can’t think of anything, we hope our list of ideas will inspire you and help you find a perfect gift.

Personalized products

Many shops online, including tons of vendors on Etsy, offer personalized items. From mugs to t-shirts, bags, and prints, these are a lovely gift idea if you want something personal. Try to find a product that your mother actually needs or loves using. It could be a plant pot if she has a green thumb, or a cute keychain if she often loses her keys. You can write her name,  or a message you know will touch her.  

A Book

Maybe your mom loves reading and admires a certain author, or leans towards a certain genre. Or she has interests she’d love to learn more about. In any case, getting a book is always an exciting gift to receive. You can get her a special edition of her favorite novel, an educational book about her hobby, or a fun book full of jokes or interesting facts.

Clothes and accessories

If your mom loves to dress up, she’ll appreciate you picking something lovely for her. Make sure it fits her style. If you’re not sure how something will fit her, skip clothes and go for unique scarfs, jewelry, and other accessories that’ll make her outfits pop. If she didn’t get anything for herself for a while, you could also gift her a coupon or even better- go shop with her. That way, you’re getting a gift and an experience in one. This leads us to the next point.

Gift an experience

When we think of gifts, the first thing that comes to mind is something we can wrap in paper. But for some people, an experience is an even better idea, it will create a memory that will stick with them forever.

You could give your mom a well-deserved day at the spa, go with her on a traveling adventure, or book a hotel for two where she could go with anyone she wishes to invite. A workshop or course of any kind is also a fantastic idea, especially if she has any creative hobbies or expressed she wants to learn a new skill.

A surprise box

If you can’t think of one big thing to get your mom, get tons of little ones. Put things she already uses and loves, and things related to her passions. There are tons of item ideas you could combine. From simple jewelry, makeup, and skin-care products, paints, candy, coupons, seeds, and anything else that reminds you of her. It’ll wake up a childhood feeling of excitement in her while she’s unwrapping her gift, making her birthday feel really special. 

Make something 

If you’re crafty and have time, it’s always an excellent idea to make something yourself. You don’t even need to have artistic skills, there are hundreds of DIY videos and tutorials for beginners. Maybe you could make her a trinket dish, jewellery, a candle, or even handmade cosmetics. Handmade gifts always feel the most personal. Your mom will appreciate you taking the time and effort to create something yourself. Even if it isn’t a masterpiece, whenever she sees your gift, it’ll put a smile on her face.