“Why buy a tablet when you have a smartphone?” When you’re in the market for a new tablet, this may be the first question your savings-obsessed inner self will ask. Shifting from PC to laptop is justified because of portability. But reasons people need a tablet may seem blurred to many of us. 

Think of losing your expensive sleek smartphone at a crowded food chain. Why did you take it to such a place? To take photos of the food and upload them on social media? The tablet could do both the parts, and its bigger size would have lessened the chances of losing/forgetting too!

Let’s explore some more reasons people need a tablet

The Bigger, The Better

If you are more into reading books and journals, you must know the struggle of reading on a smartphone. Zoom in, scroll left right up down. Zoom out, squint your eyes, and all the spirit of reading is gone. That’s why we suggest choosing the tablet for study purposes rather than a smartphone or laptop. Portable enough to carry and the screen big enough to read. 

Imagine watching your favourite series on a 10 inch screen. Now, think of watching the same on your smartphone screen. Which imagination did you cherish more? A good reason why people need a tablet, isn’t it?

No More Missed Calls

You had to give a written explanation at the office today because you didn’t attend an important call from a potential client. Why? Because your cute little baby rejected the call while watching ‘baby shark‘. No worries. Get her a tablet. It’s tons of colouring games, apps and interactive picture books would make it their favourite toy, and you would never miss the call again.

Treat for Your Creativity

If you are a designer or an animation creator, you must relate that creative ideas can sometimes pop up out of nowhere. You may conceive a vision of an innovative logo design at a friend’s gathering and want to try designing it right away. But don’t have a laptop with you? Pick up your tablet, pull out the stylus and there you go. Satisfy your creativity wherever you are. 

Forget About Dead Battery

Tablet features are the same as your smartphone, but the battery is not. Its portability is equivalent to that of a laptop, but the battery is not. The battery is better in both cases. Studies have proved that a tablet’s battery lives for 14 hours on average without charging. 

You are a student with a full-day packed classes schedule, slip this fully charged tablet into your bag. If a businessman with a busy day scheduled, no need to carry a heavy laptop charger. Or a teacher at kindergarten with a list of exciting activities; enjoy your activities on your tablet without a power outage. 

You Can Do More Shopping

You stop daily at the shoe shop on the way to college. Look at that classy shoe pair but then leave without shopping. The reason is a tight budget and a portable computing device on the top of the buying list. Why don’t you go for a tablet? Cheaper than a laptop with all the features you need. And yes, you can buy those shoes too while staying under budget. 

The Wrap Up

Technology is aimed to make your life easier. Be it a PC, laptop or tablet, every device has its pros and limitations. A PC is a good choice for desk work. Laptops, on the other hand, become handy because of PC-like features and portability. Likewise, tablets are recommended for all the times when carrying a laptop bag feels cumbersome. 

Ending with the note that tablets would prove an excellent addition to your gadgets collection for all the above-mentioned reasons people need a tablet. Do write to us in the comments if you can relate to any one of them!