Most of us begin searching for a perfect swimsuit in spring, as soon as sunny days replace the long winter chill. We think about the holidays, all the fun moments we will have, and are searching for a great beach outfit.

But buying swimsuits isn’t always easy. There are hundreds of options, and it’s sometimes hard to decide what’s the best choice for us. If you want to find a perfect swimsuit and make it a good experience, check our tips. They work for all genders and will help you better understand how to pick a swimsuit you’ll love wearing.

Consider your body type

We all want to look our best when we’re on the beach. That’s natural – we’re showing much more skin than we’re used to. Regardless of your weight and shape, there are styles that’ll make you look great and feel confident.

For men, a looser cut of trunks will be best if they don’t want to highlight their belly. It’s best to opt for trunks that aren’t super-elasticized because they will dig into your stomach. If you feel confident about your physique and don’t mind showcasing it, you can opt for swim briefs or square-cut shorts. Taller men look great in board shorts that end somewhere above their knees, regardless of their weight. 

It’s a bit harder to choose the perfect swimsuit for women. On the one hand, there are so many more options, and on the other, they also need to think about their bust. Women with larger breasts should opt for good-quality tops which offer good support and coverage they are confident with. Women with smaller breasts can choose between a variety of designs. 

It’s a good idea to pick a top that is colorful or has interesting elements to balance the top and the bottom. High-waisted briefs and one-piece swimsuits with appealing details around the waist are great for women who want to hide their belly and accentuate their waist and hips. 

What’s your style?

The cut of the swimsuit doesn’t have to be the only thing you think about when purchasing a swimsuit. You can also match it with your usual fashion style, and make it personal.

Some people prefer basic single-color swimsuits, others love simple prints and muted colors, and the third love to go all out with bright colors and fun patterns. If your swimsuit matches your style, you’ll automatically feel great wearing it, even if it’s not considered perfect for your body type.

What are your active needs?

Another thing we often forget to think about is our activity. How intense are the activities you plan to do? If you’re going surfing, playing beach volleyball, or doing any other beach activity, you will need something supportive and well constructed. Your swimsuit should allow comfortable movement without worrying whether it will reveal something when you are active. 

On the other hand, if you plan to relax on your towel, you don’t have to worry too much about those things. And if you’re planning to go to beach or pool parties, you maybe want something more flashy or get accessories that will make for a fun outfit. 

The Budget

If you’re going only for a short holiday at the beach, you don’t want to worry too much about the quality of your swimsuit. However, if you’re spending all summer on the beach or next to a pool, you’ll need something that will keep its shape and color during exposure to water and sun. Either invest in a high-quality swimsuit or get a couple of different designs, so you have a backup.

Long things short, when purchasing a swimsuit, don’t focus on what looks good on the model. Think about your own size and shape, comfort level, style, and activity plans. This way, you will know what you’re searching for, and will easily find something that you will love.