According to American poet Edwin Curran, the flowers are the music of the ground and every flower is a little wonder of its own. Plants of flowers are considered garden and wildlife-friendly. You should always have Calla lilies, gerbera, and orchids in your garden because these are the most beautiful plants in the world by default. But some other world’s most amazing flowers you can also grow in your garden are given below:

Buttercup (Ranunculus sp.)

There are around 500 species in their family, Ranunculaceae, but the Persian Buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus) is the only one that is known as the best. They come in a variety of colors as their blooms are lush, like a rose, and seem fetching and delightful. Its structure is unique in the world of plants as they have air pockets in petals. Beautiful solid yellow petals have an interesting glossy look and feel. They are usually used in combination with other plants to make the garden embellish.

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)

Foxglove or Digitalis is known as one of the most beautiful and incredible wildflowers in the entire world. It has a dazzling dotted pattern on the inner sides of petals. It belongs to Europe and in some moderate parts of North America. These plants are biennial, which means that they take almost two years to completely grow. 

Flowers appear on its stems in the second year of its life. You have to provide it with partial shade and moist soil for better results. In this way, it will self-seed and ultimately its flowering generation will appear in the garden. No doubt that they are pretty and attractive but instead of that they are dangerous too and can be deadly. They are toxic and you should avoid eating them and also keep your pets away from them.

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Sunflowers are the essence of summer beauty. Their shape resembles the sun and when it blossoms, it turns toward the sun, due to this reason they are recognized as sunflowers. They are usually 5 to 12 feet tall. Their seeds are considered the best regarding nutritional values for humans and its seed oil has a rich value of vitamin E. 

If you want your garden to always be full of the beauty of the honey bees, sunflowers certainly will bring them into your lawn because bees always enjoy its sweet nectar and yellow pollen. There are many types of them but wild-type and ornamental varieties can be a great choice for your garden and look beautiful.

French Hydrangea – Hortensia

The French Hydrangea is actually native to Japan and has pale and bright green leaves. People who love plants that grow in darker areas than French hydrangea can be a great choice for them because these are the plants of darker areas. Moist and loamy soil is perfect for their growth. Keep in mind during growing these plants in your garden; they cannot bear the fast flow of winds. So, you need to protect them from fast and drying winds.


It is a flower that has a multi-colored cluster. Usually, it has pink, purple, and yellow colors combined. Lantana can grow in any soil but depending on the climate as the temperate season seems well for it. Its height depends on a number of factors such as soil condition, weather, temperature, and climate. They are famous for attracting butterflies and maintaining the beauty of the garden.

Carnation (Dianthus)

Carnations have amazing petals which have different colors and are also soft to touch. When grown on the lawn, its sweet fragrance spreads around the gardener and remains here for a long time. The family of this flower, Dianthus, is also known as the “flower of God” in Greek. These are known to this name because of their beautiful shape and fragrance. They only grow in those areas where at least 4-5 hours of daily sunlight comes. If you are a fragrance lover then Carnation can be a great choice for your garden.