Choosing a good foundation is key to a great make-up look. Usually, the foundation is used to cover any blemishes and even out the tone. Foundation can make or break your look, so you need to choose it very carefully and consider some factors like texture, finish, coverage, and so on.

With so many varieties of brands and their products sometimes it’s hard to identify the best foundation for you. But remember the goal is to find the foundation that looks like your skin but better. 

Here is some advice on how to choose a foundation for your skin type and your needs:

Shade matching

One of the main pieces of advice professional makeup artists give is to swatch the foundation on your neck. Choose a slightly lighter shade because throughout the day foundation oxidizes, reacts with your natural face oils, and becomes a little bit darker. And also, test your foundation in good natural light.

A common mistake is to swatch the foundation on your hand or wrist, which is misleading because the color on your face and on your wrists can be drastically different. Instead, try swatching on your neck or in between your cheek and jawline area. Remember that the aim of a good foundation is to make your neck and face color blend in with each other.


Another important factor to consider when buying a new foundation is coverage. You should carefully think about what you’re looking for. If you are the person who hates the feeling of heavy makeup choose light to medium coverage. It usually feels like your skin and is buildable if you need it.

If you’re not a big fan of midday touch-ups you should opt for the full-coverage foundation. This kind of foundation is also great because it will ensure to cover all the discoloration or acne you might have. So know what you need the foundation to accomplish and choose the appropriate one.


One of the major factors to consider is your skin type. You should determine whether your skin type is dry, oily, combination, or normal. Depending on your skin type foundations you could choose are matte or dewy. Make-up artists usually recommend matte foundation to people with combination or oily skin types and dewy foundations for normal to dry skin types.

Additional advice

Additional advice will be to be aware of the seasons. Our bodies tend to warm up in spring-summer, our body shade changes, thus we need to change the shade of our foundations. Sometimes you even need to change the finish because in summer face oiliness tends to rise.

You should also look into the different forms of foundation. Beauty brands create new types of foundations for their customers to enhance the usability of their products. These are the general type of foundations: traditional liquid foundation, powder, cream foundation, stick, or mousse foundation.

Depending on your lifestyle you could consider that powder foundation will be more comfortable for you to carry to work. Or stick foundation is the most useful form for the gym. So be aware and consider your lifestyle before choosing a new foundation.


So, to sum up, choosing the right foundation for you could be tricky, but success can be achieved by considering a variety of factors. Remember to always think about your lifestyle, skin type, what kind of finish you would like to achieve, and take weather into consideration too. We wish you the best of luck on this tricky journey of finding the best-matched foundation for you and hope that our tips will help you on the way.