Wardrobe malfunction can ruin your party and confidence. As a result, you have to face embarrassment and awkward situations. Here are some tips to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and enjoy your outing with confidence and elegance.  

Check and try your dress

You must try a new dress and check if you are comfortable wearing it. You should wear a new dress at least 30 minutes before leaving for a party or dinner. However, if the dress you want to wear is not new then there is no need to try it before going out. 

You should perform a thorough inspection of your dress to avoid any embarrassing moments. You should check for loose buttons and check for zippers if it’s working properly. You should stitch up any loose buttons and rectify the issue of the zipper if it’s not working.

Selecting proper heels

You should wear heels at least 1 hour before going out. You should wear those heels that you are used to or you are comfortable with. If you are not used to wearing high heels and you choose to wear them at someone’s birthday or your party, it is likely that you will get tripped and get embarrassed.  

Choosing undergarments 

Always use good quality undergarments which will not make you uncomfortable during your outing. When your dress is see-through then choose the color of your bra or panties wisely and wear inner if you don’t want to show them off. 

Emergency wardrobe kit

You should carry an emergency wardrobe kit with you to avoid an awkward situation.

Let’s discuss some common wardrobe malfunctions and how to tackle them: 

Popped button

When the button of your shirt pops up it may cause unnecessary and unintended skin revealing, you can use a safety pin or earring to cover it up. You may carry a small sewing kit and may stitch it up on the spot. 

Fitting stains

You should keep wet wipes with you to handle any stain on your dress.

Nip slip 

When you are aware that it is likely that your nipples would be visible in dress or likely to slip then you must use nipple covers or select your undergarments wisely. 

Broken zipper

A broken zipper is one of the most difficult wardrobe malfunctions to fix. It can ruin your perfect night and make you a laughing stock. If the zipper head is broken then you can use the keyring in its place. 

Visible bra strap

If you are wearing a shirt or a tank top with a wide neck, your bra strap will likely be visible. You can avoid this by wearing strapless bras or safety pin straps to your shirt.   

Avoiding Camel Toe

If your pants are too tight or pulled up too far, the crotch of your pants may start to ride up. Luckily, the trick to avoiding camel toe is easy; you should wear pants that fit. If the issue is with a pair of leggings, simply wear a long top that covers the private area. To avoid embarrassment and awkward stares.