Some people are hard to shop for. It seems they have everything, and you can’t think of something they might want or need. But the reality is, everyone loves gifts – you simply need to be more creative for some. 

Here are some tips that will help you find a perfect gift, even for someone who seems to already have everything: 

Create A List Of Their Interests

Often, when we buy gifts, we can fall into the trap of getting something we like – not what the person would like. The easiest way to avoid that issue is to create a list of their interests and everything characteristic to them. 

Make a long list of everything you can think of, including their work, hobbies, things they love to talk about, how they spend their days, what shows they like to watch. For each item on the list, write the first thing that comes to mind as a cool gift. You won’t buy each gift on the list. 

Still, they might give you an idea of unique combinations that you wouldn’t usually come up with. Combining different characteristics of the person you are gifting will make the gift much more personal. For example, someone who loves Lord of the Rings and has a dog would love a dog bed with one of the characters printed on it. A person who enjoys cooking and loves eating chocolate might enjoy a chocolate-making course. 

Give Them An Experience

Even if the person has everything and can afford any experience, they’ll still appreciate that someone else prepared something special for them. Whether it’s a day at the local museum, an online course, an adrenaline adventure, or anything else – try finding something you know they would love. 

It’s even better when you include yourself in the gift, as you can give them even more surprises as the experience starts. For example, you could tell them you’ll go to a pottery class together, but surprise them with dinner and a night out after. Everyone appreciates getting fun experiences as a gift, and they’ll remember it for a long time.

Solve A Problem

Just like you created a list of the person’s interests, you can also think about problems they might have. Even a rich business man or woman will have a problem – often a shortage of time. In that case, for example, you could pay for someone else to walk their dog or clean their house, or even create a coupon, so you can help them with these things yourself. 

Other ideas might be paying a repairman to fix something around their house, paying a physiotherapist if they struggle with pain, or even paying a virtual assistant to help them organize their work. Think about all potential problems they might have, however big or small. Although these types of presents might not be as romantic as some, you’ll be certain it’s something they’ll actually use.

Make Something Yourself

Everyone loves handmade gifts, and that includes those who already have everything. A handmade gift shows that you took time and energy to create something for them, and that’s always well received. Of, course, you’ll need to be a bit crafty for this one, but maybe you already have a hobby you could use. If you don’t, there are hundreds of step-by-step tutorials that can help you with that. 

Aim to create something they can actually use. For example, a keychain will be more useful than a simple figurine, and any kind of accessory will be something they’ll wear. Other ideas might be simple trinket dishes, bookshelves, ashtrays, or hand-knitted blankets. Even when creating, strive to make something that matches their usual style, so they actually do love using your gift.