Sized between a laptop and a mobile phone, the spiffy Apple iPad is a great alternative for those who need to get things done on the go. Here are some of the many benefits the iPad enjoys over the bulkier laptop and the pocket-sized mobile phone:

1. It’s portability

The latest 12.9-inch iPad pro (4th Generation) weighs 1.4 pounds and is only 0.25 inches thick. The iPad Pro (4th Generation) is even smaller at 9.7 by 7 inches and fits into most handbags. The smallest of the iPads is obviously the Mini which measures 8 by 5.3 inches. The iPad is easy to carry when you’re out of the house, but it’s also extremely comfortable to use sitting on the couch.

2. Ease of Use

Apple offers an amazing interface which is intuitive and easy to use even for non-tech savvy users. The home screen is filled with useful apps. To close an app you must simply click on the home button (on iPads that have one) or swipe up from the bottom of the iPad’s screen (on iPads that don’t have a home button). 

3. The wide selection of apps

The iPad is pre-loaded with a wide selection of useful apps including a web browser, alarm, mail client, maps, calendar, video-conferencing, camera and video player. New Apple users can also benefit from free subscriptions to iLife and iWork suite, which adds word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, music studio and video editor capabilities to your app arsenal. 

4. It seamlessly replaces e-readers

The iPad supports a host of e-readers including Amazon Kindle Books. Apple’s own iBooks is a very popular e-reader for the iPad that flips pages like you are reading an actual book. 

5. Wide offering of music and movies

An iPad supports all popular video streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Your music selection just got a lot bigger with the iTunes store as well as access to Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Apple Music.  

6. Wide game selection

An iPad is the perfect device for casual gaming. As compared to console gaming, game titles are relatively cheaper on the iPad with a lot of popular titles coming for under $5 on the App Store.

7. Siri’s assistance

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, is more capable than most people realize. It’s great for reminders as well as keeping track of your daily schedule. Text people, make calls, update social media, play music or search the web more easily with Siri.

8. Long battery life

An iPad can go 10 hours without charge, a significant improvement compared to most laptops. This extended battery life reduces slightly when your iPad is subjected to heavy use such as binge-watching your favourite Netflix show. 

9. It’s a great GPS replacement

A cellular-chip enabled iPad can serve as a handy GPS device in your car. Compatible with Apple Maps as well as Google Maps, seamlessly use your iPad for turn-by-turn hands free navigation. 

10. It’s cost effective

Apple has a wide range of iPad models at varied price points, starting from $329. Considering the free benefits and services you get with your new iPad, it really is a steal. An iPad Mini is much smaller and saves you some handbag or bag space. Interestingly, Apple also has a refurbished section on its website with cheaper iPad buying options available with the standard 1-year Apple warranty. 

Everyone has a different use for an iPad. It’s wide range of apps, seamless and easy interface as well as easy-to-carry size make it an especially enticing purchase.