Hello, gorgeous! Are you starting a new corporate career? Are you going for a formal interview in a few weeks? Or perhaps, you want to build the perfect office wardrobe? This essential guide is for you.

Creating a ready-to-wear outfit is a must for being prepared for any type of day at the office. Imagine, you woke up late, you’re running late, and you’re going through the wardrobe—you have nothing to wear! How stressful it must be. 

Putting together an office outfit is not as complicated as it appears to be. You only need staple pieces that are easy to put together. Below are some of the must-haves essential items:


You can never go wrong with well-fitted blazers. It’s an item that completes your whole “girl boss” vibe ready to be at work. The blazer elevated any casual piece, pairing it with tank tops or crew neck shirts towards a more professional level. 

A well-tailored blazer that fits you perfectly is essential. It should not be too big or unusual because it will lose your professional appearance. Black and white blazers are to go for. 

Do you need to add some demeanor to your attire? You can experiment. You can choose colored blazers as a staple piece and boldness. There are also popular but appropriate prints, such as classic check patterns. 

Formal Shirts

Any formal shirts are perfect to be worn as it is or as a layering piece that is suitable for the office. Formal shirts are simple, and they make you appear competent and professional. It’s also versatile, as you can pair them with any pants for a more casual look or a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look. 

Every woman must have at least one button-down polo that is not sheer, tight, or unfitting. Don’t be hesitant to have many varieties of shirts and polo; they will come in handy. However, a structured white shirt is a must because they never run out of style. If shirts are not flattering to you, try blouses instead. 

Proper Footwear

Workplace comfort is essential as well! If you’re going to buy a heel or shoe that you will use every day in the office, neutral-colored and low heels or pumps are a must. Even if you wear them for four to six hours, there is less strain and pain than high heels and stilettos. 

If you are to run from one office to another or maybe stand in your feel all day, flats like slip-on or ballerinas will suffice. However, despite all these choices, you have to note two things: Closed-toe shoes are best for a more formal appearance, and you should avoid cheap heels. 

Office Pants

Another staple piece that you should have in your wardrobe is sleek formal pants. In any situation or setting, they can fit. Are you in a hurry for a meeting with a client? Need a simple office look? Then you can put on office pants like trousers and formal shirts. Viola, you’re good to go!

But you should avoid buying any pants that seem formal for your liking, but in reality, they aren’t. Try chic ankle-length pants, high-rise trousers, or menswear-inspired slacks. These options gear toward a polished and professional look.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are a unique fashion item that will go with any blouse or shoes. Finding good, well-made pencil skirts ready and waiting in your wardrobe is always good. It will elevate your look to a more professional and sophisticated look.

Remember, choose a pencil skirt that is not too short, and the slits are not too high. Make sure that you’ve chosen the best-fitting one that you can move freely with. Also, choose a black shirt—perfect for both morning and evening—for example, you have to meet someone after work, you can touch up your look to feel more elegant and not too professional.