Having already sent out your resume and cover letter you are excited to hear back from your next potential employer regarding your interview. Making sure you make the right impression and get an internship offer is all that the young professional in you desires. Here are nine amazing interview tactics that you must use to get the internship you desire:

Always be prepared

“Preparation is the key to success” is an age-old saying that holds true especially when you’re in search of your dream internship. Prepare yourself by planning your internship attire, learning more about the company and making a list of questions you may have for your internship interviewer. Always carry a copy of your resume for your interviewer to refer to if need be. Most importantly, carry yourself with poise and confidence.

Make a great first impression

Take advantage of the first real opportunity to market yourself, the interview. Walk in and plant a firm handshake, make good eye contact and develop a good rapport with your interviewer. Most importantly, be yourself!

Truly understand what you’re being asked

Remember, it’s okay to ask “can you repeat the question?” if you haven’t truly understood what your interviewer is asking. Being sure of what you’re saying during your internship interview is critical to your success.

Emphasize your skill-set and values

It’s important to outline what values and skills you bring to your new organization. These may be skills related to your knowledge and academic pursuits, computer skills, lingual skills or problem solving and analytical abilities. Your potential employer needs to know what you’re good at and what you stand for.

Give real-life examples of your skills

Presenting your interviewer with a rosy picture of how you are an ideal fit for their organization is one thing, but providing concrete examples of how your abilities and skills made a bad situation better at your past organization is another. You might want to give your interviewer insight into a situation where you took an immediate decision which led to the timely and successful completion of an important project.

Follow your interviewer’s lead

If the interviewer seems to have heard enough and wants to rush you into the next question, let them. Follow their lead and give them the answers they are looking for, not necessarily the ones you want them to hear.

Carry some work samples 

If your work entails displaying your skills to your interviewer with physical samples of your work, make sure you carry them. Graphic designers, artists, content professionals and others must make sure to carry their best work with them to any job interview.

Maintain a positive tone

When the interviewer probes you about your strengths and weaknesses, remember it’s probably a trick question. Make sure you emphasize the steps you have taken to work on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Your interviewer knows that nobody is perfect.

Close the interview with grace

Make sure to end your interview with a “thank you” and ask your interviewer when you can expect to hear back from them. End with a positive statement reaffirming your keenness to work for the organization. A smile and a nice handshake at the end is the cherry on the cake.