Before starting the discussion about different ways you can get out in cricket let’s take a moment and discuss cricket, nowadays cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide and also it is played in almost every country in the world. Cricket has a famous or compulsory rule called OUT. 

If the umpire gives out to a batsman, the player has to leave the field and another player of the playing eleven has to bat. The main purpose of this article is to discuss some different ways you can get out in cricket, so without wasting any further time let’s discuss common ways to get out in cricket.

There are mostly 10 common different ways that can get you out in cricket, here we are going to discuss those ways.

Different Ways You Can Get Out in Cricket

1• Bowled

When the bowler bowls the ball and if that ball directly hits the stumps then this situation is called bowled. While playing cricket, bowlers try to hit the stumps by bowling various types of bowls. 

2• Catch Out

When the batsman hits the ball in the air and that ball is caught by any fielders without letting the ball touch the ground then this situation is called catch out. Fielders are always ready to take the catch when a batsman hits the ball in the air. That’s why batsmen always try to play safe shots.

3• Run out

If the fielders hit the stumps while batsmen taking the run between bowling line and batting crease then the batsmen which is running towards the hitted stumps then that batsman is declared out and this situation is called run out. 

4• Stumping

When the keeper hits the stumps while the batsman is out of the crease then the batsman is declared stumping. That’s the reason why the batsman tried to play the shot without leaving the crease, in case of spinner bowler there is a high chance of stumping if the batsman leaves the crease because the keeper stands too close to the stumps. 

5• Hit The Wickets

If the batsman mistakenly hits the stumps while the bowler is all set to bowl then in that situation the batsman declared out because of the famous rule to hit the wickets. 

6• LBW

LBW stands for leg before wickets, in this situation if the batsman block the ball with his body without even touching the ball then with the using of modern technology known as ball tracer, it will detect either the ball hits the stumps if not blocked by batsman as a result if the ball tracker hits the stumps then the batsman is declared LBW out.

7• Obstructing the Field

If the batsmen change their lanes while taking the runs or if they do any kind of activities that obstruct the field or fielders then fielders can get a chance to appeal for out, as a result umpire gives the out if found batsmen were really obstructing the fields. 

8• Hit the Ball Twice

Batsmen are not allowed to hit the bowl twice, if any batsman hit the ball twice then umpires can easily give out to that respective bats, this situation is called hit the ball twice.

9• Time Out

In these rules, when the batsman got out then the other batsman of that team had to come for a bat within 3 minutes, as a result if the batsman didn’t come to bat within 3 minutes then the one batsman of that team declared out and umpires added 3 minutes for another batsman. 

10•  Hold the Bowl

Batsmen are not allowed to hold or catch the ball which is bowled by bowlers, if the batsmen do such activities then umpires have the power to give out by watching the replay of that time, this situation is called hold the bowl out. 


All the ways that are mentioned above are some of the common rules of cricket that makes the batsman out accordingly. Please let us know if we have missed other different ways that can get out the batsman in cricket.