Your laptop may be showing signs of old age when video playback slows or it takes longer than usual to start up. Here are 10 good reasons to upgrade your laptop today: 

Outdated and clunky hardware  

Laptop technology continues to advance at breakneck speed. Each year, new launches make previous models look and feel obsolete. Also, it is highly likely that your laptop has slowed over the years as the hard drive has to store more and more files and programs that you’ve downloaded each year. 

Better battery life

The cells in your laptop battery degrade over the course of time. Your once dependable laptop may struggle to stay charged for more than a few hours. Newer laptops equipped with modern technology are not just more powerful but also more power-efficient. Some super efficient laptops last upto a full day on a single charge. 

Faster and better storage

Modern laptops often come with Solid State Drives (SSDs) which are faster than traditional hard drives. These drives result in quicker boot times, faster loading of files as well as lower power usage. SSDs are now much more affordable than previous years and also come with adequate storage capacities.

Newer operating system

Both Microsoft and Apple continue to update their operating systems, with each upgrade bringing new features and added conveniences to its users. If you continue to use the defunct Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems, you should seriously consider upgrading your laptop.

New games and software

If you’re a gamer, your old laptop will probably struggle to keep up with today’s graphically intense games. So before you set out to buy the latest games, you might want to consider upgrading your laptop. Non-gamers may also find certain programs like the latest version of Adobe Photoshop slowing down their system and might want to consider an upgrade. 

Sleeker design

Modern day laptops and sleeker, lighter and better-looking than ever before. They are easier to carry around and make the prospect of dumping your heavy ancient laptop a very attractive one. 

More reliability

A new laptop is guaranteed to boost your productivity. Whilst you struggle between software updates and reboots on your old machine, a new one is sure to save you time and tricky repair costs. 

The right time to buy

Technology buying is an art. You can actually time your purchase right to get a great deal. As newer systems and processors are launched, the older models become outmoded and cheaper. That just means you can choose a relatively modern laptop, a significant upgrade on your current one, at an unbelievable price.  

It’s raining great deals

Amazing deals are offered year-round at offline as well as online retailers. Two of the biggest sales you should look out for each year are “Black Friday” and “Amazon Prime Day”. You will be able to choose from a host of deeply discounted laptops from top retailers. It’s almost too good to be true! There are great laptops available for every kind of user. You may even be able to snatch a great deal if you keep your eyes open. 

You have different work needs

A career change or the start of college are good reasons for you to treat yourself to a new laptop. It’s important that you think about what you are looking for from your laptop purchase. For college you will probably need something light and durable, easy to carry around campus all day. For a new job, you may need a more powerful heavier system that can meet your multiple computing and communication needs.