Whether creating content is your primal motivation for blogging, or you’re using your blog for content marketing, the questions you will have are similar. What topics should you choose, how many words should your blogs have, which keywords to include? These are all common questions. However, one of the first questions you should have answered is how often you should be posting on your blog.

Once you decide how frequently to post, you can build your blogging strategy around that. But like all things marketing-related, the answer isn’t the same for everyone. A huge magazine like Huffington Post publishes hundreds, even thousands, of posts every day. On the other hand, many individual bloggers have seen great success with only 2 blogs per week.

In general, the more often you post, the better – as long as you can maintain good quality. Content that doesn’t offer value, and isn’t written well, won’t help you build good traffic. Experts recommend smaller blogs to post from 2 to 4 times per week, and larger blogs to post up to 6 times per week. 

This strategy works for those who want to build organic traffic in a quick and consistent manner. Also, the small and large blogs in this case refer to how many people there are behind the blog. If you’re alone, being consistent with 2 posts per week can be a challenge, while a team of writers can handle a lot more than that.

The frequency of your blog posts will also depend on your goals. If you want to attract organic traffic through search results, posting more is better. On the other hand, if you have a brand awareness blog, posting less frequently, but making sure the blogs hit the mark, is more appropriate.

Ideally, you will be able to maintain a consistent quality throughout your posts. That means no number or statistic has more worth than valuable content when choosing how frequently to post. Valuable content, created with attention to detail, backed with proper research, and answering true questions from your audience is more likely to be shared. 

When people share your content, it’s basically free marketing for you. Also, the more people share your content, the more likely you are to reach a good ranking on Google. Instead of trying to force daily posts when you don’t have the time or the resources, make it count. 

Still, try to post at least once per week. This method gives you enough time to create excellent content. Today, blogs are becoming longer than they were before. In general, those who write long-form posts see better results than those who focus on quick, short posts. Posting once a week allows you to spend time on a long-form article. Still, it helps you to build consistency in your posting. Consistency is important both for your ranking, and your own discipline and routine.

On the other hand, if you have a team of writers who can help you, try to post as often as possible. The more frequently you post, the more questions you answer, and the more people will reach your website. Online magazines are proof that you cannot post too often, as long as you maintain a consistent quality throughout your posts. 

To sum up, like with many things, quality beats quantity when you’re deciding on how often you should be posting on your blog. Post as often as you can while still maintaining quality. You can start with only one blog post per week, and increase the frequency when you have more resources, writers, and/ or time.