Social media tools are essential for smart businesses to manage key channels in their digital marketing routine. Automation is essential for this work, which requires this tool. These channels are a direct link between the market and the audience. It is possible to increase interest in products, communicate and even work with customer service.

In this daily task, the social network manager has a million balls at his disposal at the same time, so the effective use of a direct communication line can be a great success. The good news is that as social media grows, tools are available to help you manage it. Here are 5 of our favorite different tools that can help you post on social media. These tools can streamline your workflows, save you time, and even ensure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time.


Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple streams of social content from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is one of the most popular social media tools on the market. Working on multiple networks with a single social team can be difficult, and Hootsuite allows you and your team to do so.

It is easier to delegate responses to fans and followers, which eliminates the stress associated with coordinating responses and ignores potentially valuable fans. In the past, one of Hootsuite’s biggest failures has been managing images on social networks. The good news is that this issue has now been fixed on Twitter, which allows up to four images to appear in scheduled messages directly in the feed.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social integrates many social media tools into one platform – from social media planning through supervision to reporting. Sprout Social is one of the few social media management tools that provide customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. 

A full profile of your customers will help you better serve them and build stronger relationships with them. The most common praise I have heard about Sprout Social is their amazing news. Many social media managers find the news so good and beautiful that they download it and send it to their managers or clients without editing it. 


AgoraPulse has a powerful planning tool that is great as a social media guide. However, the power lies in the inbox-like interface, which helps you manage conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can create filters to mark, highlight, hide, or create tasks across content and followers. This can be useful to share (for example, with clients versus non-clients) and make it easier to find existing conversations so you can build real relationships. The application also includes a badge system, which allows you to quickly notify when an influencer or lawyer publishes contributions, as well as clear analyzes.


Buffer is a simple and effective tool for sharing content via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is especially useful for small businesses that do not have the time or resources to constantly update their social media channels, but still want to maintain a presence on social networks.

With Buffer, you can first schedule multiple messages in a queue. It also offers many extensions through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers that make it easy to share what you find on the web. Buffer also includes an image editor that allows users to create full sizes and formats for any social platform.


Audiense provides insight into your analysis, goal, and involvement proposals and helps monitor your key influences and competitors.

Listening and comprehension tools provide insight into the quality of social audiences, cross between different communities, and integrate the content of relationship analysis. These social marketing tools provide an opportunity to engage audiences in campaigns.