There are two kinds of brides. One who has figured out everything and planned everything to the T in advance while the other kind of bride, plan as the wedding go. It doesn’t matter what kind of bride you are, one fact that still stands true is that wedding hairstyles constantly change. Now as a bride you should know that a wedding dress and the hairstyle goes hand in hand and it both should complement as well as enhance your overall wedding look. When the two are in sync with each other, you will feel the best version of yourself on your big day. 

Now if you are clueless which hairstyle to pick on your big day, hair up or down, tousled or wavy, dainty floral embellishments or fish tail braids? Let’s take you through some of the hairstyles that are best for your wedding.

  • Classic Updo For A Summer Wedding:

You can be incredibly creative when it comes to hair updos and every style can be complemented with all kinds of face shapes. Hair updos are one of the popular styles because one can be very creative with it, updos with more intricately placed or a slightly undone style for a more whimsical look. Go for floral embellishments or bridal jewelry can also be added to give a more enhanced and defined look. Remember to keep everything complemented with the wedding theme and of course it should enhance your overall personality as well. Hair updos are usually great for summer weddings when you don’t want to sweat with hair all loose on your shoulders.

  • Half Up, Half Hair Down For A Beach Wedding:

See a beach wedding is already an unforgettable event, so one should always keep the look simple sans any heavy makeups and unfussy hairstyles. The other thing to keep in mind is, a wedding hairstyle should be such that it can bear the sand’s salty air, the wind and the sunny day at the beach. Which is why A Half up Half Hair down is a perfect hairdo for a beach wedding, it’s not just classic but also a surefire way to look elegant on your big day. Ask your stylist to comb the crown part of your head if you want to give your hair a little bit of volume.

  • A Fabulous Fishtail Braid:

Fish Tail braids are quite uncommon yet look so refreshing and unique in comparison with their Dutch and French braids. If you’re a bride who has chosen a strapless dress for your big day, then a fishtail braid is one that should be your hairdo. Why because it not just flaunts your strapless wedding gown but also keeps the hairs at bay from the shoulders and out of the way which gives a braid a casual and not a proper updo. The messier the updo gets, the better it will look. 

  • Chic Ponytail:

Now if you are a bride who wants to go full glam on your big day, then go for a long ponytail. It is so unfussy because you just have to pull your hair back and style into a sleek ponytail and if you have natural texture to your hair, it is going to be a classic definition of chic. It gives quite an elegant look from the front of the hair but also shows off your long hair from behind. 

  • Loose Waves:

One of the trendiest and most popular hairstyles among brides is the classic loose waves because it gives the most natural look to the bride on her big day. There are unlimited options to give loose waves a chic look. One can add a bit of greens and flowers to give an extra chic and elegant look to the loose waves.