Writing a blog can be exciting and rewarding. Still, sometimes, it can be stressful to come up with new topics. That’s especially true if you’re publishing frequently – we all struggle with a creative block now and then. If you can’t think of any ideas, here are some interesting types of posts you can include in your blog. 

1. Lists

Lists are not hard to write and people love to read them. Nearly any topic can be written in this way – you’re simply listing items in a numbered form. This very article is a list, listing a variety of blog topic ideas. You can list tips and tricks, products, ways to do something, common mistakes, or a variety of things that fall into the same category, such as a list of cute cat videos. The possibilities are endless!

2. How-To Guides

How-to guides are popular among readers who want to learn how to do something in a quick and easy way. They are a modern replacement for books and teachers, allowing people to find a specific answer to their questions. There are good ideas for how-to guides in any niche. Find common questions related to your niche on Google when searching for what to cover. When writing guides, it’s good to include images or videos which further explain the steps in your text.

3. News

Countless blogs achieved a huge boost in their organic traffic since they started publishing news. News attracts readers, and you only need to make sure they’re related to your industry. You can include multiple news articles in a single text, like writing about important things that happened in your industry during the past week. If you are consistent, your blog might become a place where your visitors come often to learn what’s new in the industry.

4. Interviews and Profiles

People always love to read about other successful people in their industry. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be a super-popular person – everyone in this world has an interesting story to tell. You can ask someone you respect for an interview and record it over a call, or send questions through email. Another way to write about someone else is to profile them. Whether you’re interviewing someone or writing their bio and your opinion about them, make sure your readers can learn something from the blog.

5. Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great writing idea, and they can also help you earn money with your blog. They drive traffic, especially the blogs which compare different products. Make sure you remain in your niche and find products you actually believe are good, to gain trust from your readers. The best-case scenario would be that you’ve personally tried the product. 

If you didn’t, make sure you read everything you can about it, including a lot of customer reviews. That way, you won’t share your personal opinion, but you will educate your readers about all different aspects of the products you found in your research. Always include both negative and positive sides of the products, and be as honest as you can.

6. Funny Posts

If you don’t feel like writing about anything, raise your spirits with funny posts. You could write parody posts, meaning you’ll rewrite trending posts from your industry and add a funny, sarcastic touch. You could share memes or gifs related to your industry, and create a listicle purely made of images. 

You could write a funny story from your life, or share funny stories from others, which you can easily find on Reddit and other social media platforms. In any case, everyone likes laughing, and you’ll make both you and your readers’ day a bit more cheerful.