The natural makeup look is one of the biggest trends for the last couple of years. This universally flattering look means your makeup seamlessly melts into your skin, appearing as if you’re wearing much less makeup than you actually are.

As simple as it seems, a natural makeup look isn’t easy to achieve unless you use proper techniques and products. In this article, we’ll break down how to achieve this glowing look in a couple of easy-to-follow steps.

Natural Base

The base is the crucial step to master to achieve a natural makeup look. It’s important to find a good product for your skin type, match your natural skin color and apply it correctly to achieve a natural base. 

Achieving a good base is easier with healthy skin, so make sure you have a skincare routine in place.  Also, prioritize makeup products with skincare benefits. Prep your skin with a primer. A good primer will even out your texture and make foundation application much easier. 

After you’ve applied your primer, combine your foundation with a drop of highlighter for a glow-from-within look. You can also switch to a BB cream, which doesn’t only give you a lighter, more natural base, but also has skincare benefits.

Add Details to Your Base

Start with a light concealer to illuminate the under-eye area and the t-zone. Choose a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your foundation for the biggest impact. Then, set your face with a touch of mattifying powder to absorb excess oil and add a subtle highlighter to the top of your cheekbones and your brow bones.

One of the core parts of a natural makeup look is rosy cheeks. Creamy formulas in rosy shades work best for the look, but adapt the color to match your skin tone. Smile and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, then blend it upwards to frame your face. If you’d like, you can finish up with a touch of bronzer along your cheekbones to add more warmth to your face.

Define Your Brows

Even if you achieved a natural base, your brows can throw off the entire makeup look. The look will automatically look bold and lose its natural appeal if your brows are too ‘done’. 

Avoid defining your brows to perfection and opt for a brushed-up effect instead. Brush your strands upwards – you can use a gel or a bit of soap to keep them there. Then fill in any gaps using a pencil in small upward strokes. 


Some women choose to use only a touch of mascara for the eyes when going for a natural look. You can go in with eyeliner and eyeshadow too – but remember that less is more.

Use nude colors for your eyes, contour palettes are a great choice for this look. You can create a smokey eye look by combining the darkest and a medium shade, or opt for only one shade over your lids. If you don’t want to skip eyeliner, replace your standard black formula with caramel or brown tone.


Opt for nude lipstick or one that matches your natural lip color.  You can use your finger to achieve a thin layer that looks like your natural lips. If you can opt for lipsticks that have hydrating ingredients to keep your lips healthy and moisturized throughout the day. Shiny lips go particularly well with this makeup style, so you can also replace lipstick with a touch of gloss.