Thinking about adopting a pet? There are countless reasons why that’s a good idea. If you need to have time and home for them, go for it! Pets are a responsibility, but there are so many joys of adopting that they outweigh all the concerns you might have.

Still not sure? From improving their life to making yours more fulfilled, here are the top reasons why you should adopt a pet:

You Will Save a Life

Here’s the hard truth: thousands of shelter dogs and cats are euthanized every year. The shelters do all they can to save them, but the space is limited. More people are abandoning animals then there are those who are saving them and you can change that!

Each person who decides to adopt, saves a life and gives an abandoned pet a new chance. You will help an endangered, lonely and forgotten animal and give it a beautiful home, loving family and the life they deserve. That in itself is an empowering reason to adopt a pet.

You Will Feel Better

We all feel good and joyful when we help someone else, and that impression has been proven by science. Among other things, helping others releases the “happy hormones” – oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.

But that’s not all, animals improve our lives as a whole. They are known to create a sense of fulfillment in their owners, and give them a new purpose. Pets give you unconditional love, and they never judge you. You’ll have a companion who’s always there, regardless of what life brings. Also, adopted pets are even more grateful than other animals, they can experience the change you gave them, and will be loyal and loving. 

Your Life Quality Will Improve

If you’re getting a dog, you’ll automatically become more active. Dogs need walks every day, and you’ll quickly get in the habit of walking every day. Soon, it will become something you can’t imagine your days without, whether it’s sunny, raining, freezing or hot. 

That’s true even for those who usually steer away from any exercise. Along the way, you’ll meet tons of other people who own dogs, and will make new friends. Additionally, both dogs and cats make our lives so much more playful and fun. They do all sorts of hilarious things and make our homes a happier and more exciting place. 

You Won’t Help Only One Animal

Each and every adoption raises awareness of abandoned animals. You’ll tell a lot of people your pet is adopted along the way. If you encourage only one person to do the same, you’ll make a change. 

Additionally, you’ll be one more person who isn’t supporting mass breeding practices and pet shops. Although there are exceptions, particularly home breeders who care about dogs, most of these businesses keep animals in horrible conditions and force them to breed more than it’s natural, only to gain profit. 

You Will Save Money

Money isn’t the main reason why you should adopt a pet, but it’s certainly a great benefit. The cost of pets is counted in hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the breed. When adopting, the cost of spay/neuter, vaccination or even microchipping is most commonly already covered by the shelter. Animals are usually treated for worms and fleas, and many older animals are also castrated/sterilized. 

All these responsibilities cost way much more than an adoption fee, which will only further help the shelter and the animals housed there. That gives you more money for their food, bed, training and anything else you want to provide for them. Also, shelters will help you with resources and any questions you have after the adoption. Not everyone who buys a pet has this type of support, especially not for free.