Traveling is always a rewarding experience, regardless of the motive of your journey. However, for some people, the stress of packing can overpower positive excitement.

That’s why we created the list of things every traveler should carry for an overseas holiday. Use it as a checklist to make sure you will have all the essentials you need. By using a list, you’ll be sure you’ve packed everything, and you won’t feel as worried about your adventure.

Have a read on at our overseas holiday packing checklist: 

The Bags 

You will need several types of bags when going on an overseas holiday. The first is a sturdy travel bag that is comfortable to carry. The perfect bag will depend on how long you’re going away, as well as the type of bag you prefer. Whether you go for a duffle bag, big backpack, or a rolling suitcase, it’s crucial the bag won’t break because of bad weather conditions or rough handling at airports.

Additionally, take a day bag. This is something you can use as a carry-on in a plane. It is also a bag for all the essential items you’ll want to have with you when exploring your destination. Also, a smaller bag for your valuables and camera makes them safer and easier to reach. 


Checking if all your documents are up-to-date will give you peace of mind when you go traveling. That’s of course true for your passport, but also your ID and credit cards. 

Save copies of all your documents on your phone and give some to your friends, in case anything bad happens. If you have multiple credit cards, it might be a good idea to pack them in two different places for security. Finally, make sure you check visa requirements and get your visa on time, in case of any delay. 


Smartphones make our lives so much easier and are one of the most important things to pack for international travels. Make sure you download important maps and information in case you aren’t able to connect to the internet. You could also download podcasts, shows, and books for entertainment on your flight.

Make sure you take a universal travel adaptor because the country you visit will likely have a different outlet. Also take a portable power bank to charge your phone, as well as spare batteries for both your phone and camera. 


We often become most nervous when we pack our clothes. On one hand, we want to travel light, and on the other, we want to be sure we will have everything we need. In any case, having comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes is a good idea, because you will likely be exploring a lot.

Check the climate of the place you’re visiting, and even ask the locals for advice on forums. Make sure you have both comfy clothes and two outfits for dressing up because you will likely want to go somewhere in the evening. Choosing your outfits according to the activities you plan to do is your safest bet to be sure you’re taking everything you might need. 

Medication and Toiletries

If you take any prescribed medication, make sure you pack enough for your journey. Additionally, consider packing basic first aid and basic medications such as pain pills.

When it comes to toiletries, it will depend on your habits and needs. Try getting travel-sized items for everything you carry, including shampoo, hand sanitizer, and mini makeup products. This way, you will have everything you need, but your toiletries won’t take up too much space. Shampoos and soaps are available in all countries, and it’s much easier to buy them on the spot.