Photography comes in a variety of forms and genres. For a variety of reasons, people prefer to specialize or gravitate toward one or two categories. There are even more subcategories inside each of the dozens of categories.

You will learn about some of the most common forms of photography here, which will help you expand your knowledge in the area. Let’s have a look at the points listed below!

Landscape Photography

Photographing landscapes You are undoubtedly a sort of photographer interested in landscape photography if you enjoy photography and have a propensity to stop and gaze at the lovely environment around you and freeze nature in one shot.

Portrait Photography

Photographers are fascinated by capturing people’s moods and expressions. They can be close-ups, body portraits, and so forth. This genre of photography usually focuses on the subject’s face. When taking a portrait, the photographer should make sure that the subject’s face, particularly his or her eyes, is clear and focused. Pose the subject in a favorable way, and attempt to catch their genuine expressions.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing animals in their natural environments. One of the more difficult types of photography is macro photography. Good fieldcraft abilities are required for wildlife photographers in general. Some animals, for example, are difficult to approach, thus understanding their behavior is necessary to predict their activities.

Food Photography

Still, life photography specializing in food is a specialized field. We focus on food, ingredients, style, and food-related situations in this category.

This is also a commercial or editorial photography specialty. The photographs in this gallery are used as ads in publications.


Abstract photography is a method of producing and expressing a visual image that has no direct connection to reality.

It’s a way of communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings via the many parts of a photograph, rather than attempting to create a standard or realistic image.

Advertising or Lifestyle Photography 

Photography is all around us. Billboards, street signs, magazine advertisements, and even our cellphones have photography on them. Photography has never been more in demand than it is right now in the advertising industry.

Street photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, and product photography are just a few examples of what advertising photography may cover. Advertising photographers might operate as freelancers, selling photos on a project-by-project basis, or as employees of big advertising agencies. In any case, this is a dynamic industry where you may be shooting print commercials one day and digital ads the next, with a different topic every time.

Sports Photography

Sports photography can capture the passion, drama, and emotion that drives athletic events by capturing athletes, coaches, and even supporters at the right time. To keep up with the action around them, sports photographers must aim and shoot rapidly, and it’s better to shoot at a quicker shutter speed with a higher ISO. 


Composite photography is a great art form in which a photographer creates a picture by combining many photographs, overlays, and even alternate mediums.

Taking the images is only a minor component of constructing a composite; computer editing takes up the majority of the time.


It’s nearly hard to make a comprehensive list of all the numerous sorts of photography that may be used to make money. It might be challenging to decide which direction to choose for your photographic career. Many photographers experiment with many professional routes until they find the one that best suits them.