According to latest statistics it is said that every 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart diseases alone. And the most common factors are the sedentary lifestyle, smoking and common diseases like high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues to grave issues like diabetes and heart attacks.  As we all know, the heart is a muscle and like any other muscle, it needs to be physically fit as well as active in order to keep working in a perfect manner.  Which is why exercises like aerobics and cardio play an integral role in overall cardiovascular health. 

In this writeup we have curated a list of benefits that can be incurred from being physically active and exercising regularly.

Regular Exercise Helps In Lowering Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is the top most reason why heart diseases as well as strokes occur which is why it is highly recommended to go for exercises and physical activities. According to the American Heart Association, a daily workout of around 40 minutes will significantly lower down high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Exercises like aerobics and strength training are necessary to get that heart pumping which helps in overall better heart health.

Exercises Reduces Stress And Increases Happy Hormones Like Dopamine:

Right now, one of the major factors in increased diseases among people is the stress that they carry with themselves on a day to day basis. The increased stress levels are unfortunately one of the major factors in perpetuating heart related diseases. Aerobics like Zumba, jogging and running play an important role in lowering the stress levels and improving happy hormones like dopamine. But if you are a patient of osteoporosis or joint issues, then go for strength training or low impact exercises that will not stress on your physical health.

Exercises Majorly Aids In Smoking Cessation:

According to the latest research, it is said that around 19% of the adult population is into smoking. Smoking is a slow poison that plays havoc on one’s heart health by harming the blood vessels which is why it is extremely important to quit smoking. One of the most effective remedies to quit smoking is to exercise on a regular basis because a physically healthy person will not indulge in smoking whatsoever. 

Exercises Helps in Losing Weight:

When you do aerobic i.e. swimming, cycling or Zumba or any other form of exercise that get your heart rate moving, it will greatly help in losing weight and remaining fit. Exercises means you are burning the extra calories which distressed your heart and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise will help in a healthy heart so why not make a habit of it and take great benefits out of it.

Exercises Aids in Lowering Cholesterol and Improves Good Cholesterol In the Body:

Usually a sedentary lifestyle combined with an increased use of saturated fats in foods leads to a high cholesterol in people. Yes, some have it genetically which makes it all the more dangerous and adverse. In order to receive good cholesterol in the body, one has to be physically active and moving with a combination of a good and healthy diet that will help in reducing LDL-C in the body.

Exercises Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes:

People who suffer from Diabetes have an increased risk of developing heart diseases in fact it can exuberate already existing heart diseases as well. An exercise on a regular basis will not only manage insulin, it will also balance the glucose more efficiently which will help in lowering the risk of diabetes in individuals.