Sports are a great way to improve the physical and mental health of children. We have always heard that a strong body has a strong mind. To remain active and healthy playing sports is absolutely essential. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, it’s the second most popular game after football. There are 3 formats of cricket test matches; one day and t20s.T20s are the most exciting format in the modern era. The recent t20 world cup was watched by billions of viewers around the world. Your children would love to play cricket once they become aware of the rules and format of cricket.

Tips to make your children excited about cricket 

1.   Children should be taught that games are as essential as studies. If you want to remain active and vigilant then you should exercise on a daily basis. Cricket is a great sport that involves exercise and it has a lesser chance of injury than other sports. Motivate and encourage your children to opt for healthy hobbies.

2.   Children can enjoy watching cricket matches on TV or other smart gadgets. You can show them all formats of cricket and ask them what do you love to watch and why. They will for sure enjoy it when their country is playing and winning the Matches against other countries. They would certainly love to see their country lift up the world cup. There are many popular leagues of cricket played around the world like IPL, PSL, and big bash which your children may love to watch.

3.   Parents should spend time with their children when playing cricket. You should teach them all the rules and proper techniques of batting and bowling. In this way, their interest will increase and they will get excited to play cricket.

4.   Cricket is known as a gentleman’s game, children can learn a lot from it. How to play as a team and how to show sportsman spirit when you lose. It’s essential that children should know that winning and losing are part of the game.

5.   You can take your children to cricket grounds and watch international cricket with them. They would love to support their team and watch the players from other countries as well. This will attract them and they will be encouraged to play more cricket.

6.   You can ask your children to join a cricket academy or club if they want to pursue cricket as their career. Let them join their school cricket team and let them have fun. Cricket academies polish the talent of young lads either boy or girl and make them better cricketers.

7.   You can discuss with your children who is your favorite player in cricket and why. You can tell them about great cricket legends like Brain Lara, Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne, and Sachin Tendulkar.

8.   Cricket involves a fair bit of planning and strategy, when your children will make plans to win the game this will improve their cognitive and analytical abilities. They will learn to handle pressure and make decisions in a pressure situation. Remaining calm and composed is vital in pressure situations. 

Cricket is a great game and it’s an exciting game to watch. One of the most-watched series is the ashes between Australia and England and the other is Pakistan and India. Everyone is on their toes while watching these series. Most of the matches are thrillers and have close finishes. Your children would gladly watch the series if they are cricket lovers. You can try to make cricket exciting for your children but never force them to play any game and let  them choose what they really want to play.