Selling your home can feel like a tough and unthinkable task. These six tips that can help you ensure that you are on the right end of the bargain when selling your home:

Spruce up your home

A buyer often makes their decision to purchase based on first impressions. Make sure your home looks better than all available properties in your area. Minor renovations and repairs can make your home substantially more attractive to potential home buyers. 

Major renovations and home improvements may drive your costs up but may also help secure a higher selling price. Improving the bathrooms and kitchen are good ways of receiving a better offer on your home. Remember to take some bright photos of each room in your home, which you might need to send potential buyers or use when you post an online home sale listing.

Set the right asking price

The most critical factor in getting a deal is setting the right asking price for your home. Set the price too high and you may drive away genuine buyers. Underpricing your home will ensure you get the bad end of the deal. 

Your home can be priced just right by understanding what similar-sized homes in your local area were sold at in the past 3-6 months. Go through property listing sites, magazines and newsletters to get an idea of prices in your area or get in touch with a local property broker.

Make a checklist of all the essential documents you need to be able to make the selling process smooth. You must keep all original sale deed/ conveyance deed and allotment letters on hand. You may also require a non-encumbrance/ loan-clearance certificate if you had taken a loan to buy the property. Keep copies of all documents with yourself at all times.

Clear all previous bills

Do not make the mistake of listing your property without clearing all previous bills associated with your property. The dues include utility bills, property tax, maintenance bills. If you have a mortgage on the property, you will need to have that settled for the sale to go through.

Get help of support services

Other than word of mouth and free-listing websites online, you might want to engage with a real estate agent to widen your listing’s reach. A good real estate agent will help you through the entire sales process. You can ask friends and family for references of a known real estate agent or you can attend open homes to scope out local agents who you might like to engage for your planned sale. 

Another service which you might want to opt for is listing your home on online real estate listing sites. These property buying/ selling sites come with different plans and packages and can give you a good idea of what your property is worth and the amount of buyer interest it receives.

Be responsive

Finally, you must wait and watch to see how much interest your home generates among potential buyers. If you get an inquiry, respond as soon as you can. Be flexible and make time to show your home at potential buyers convenience if you haven’t engaged a real estate agent. 

Above are the factors which you must keep in mind before selling your home, but real estate is a heterogeneous product which means that what impacts property prices in one area might not impact prices in another. It’s important to do your research into major factors affecting home prices in your area and also if it is indeed the right time to sell your home.