Your lawn is a perfect area for relaxation and fun and with a little bit of effort, it can look lush and green throughout the year. You should have to remove fallen leaves from your lawn daily. The reason behind this is that they can kill the grass beneath if not removed for a long time. However, you can improve the condition and appearance of your lawn by following simple lawn care tips.

Water the lawn

Water is necessary to all lawns, for example, its shortage can change the color of grass and damage its lushness. If your lawn grass has turned brown then don’t worry, it is not dead and will again be turned green when you give it enough water. But always remember to not over water as this can damage the roots. The best time to water the lawn is morning or the beginning of the day because at this time temperature remains cool and the sun does not evaporate the water.

Feeding the lawn

One of the best tips for looking after your lawn is to fertilize it to make growth better. You need to feed it regularly if you want to keep it healthy and strong. Apply fertilizers on time (twice yearly) and this way your grass looks greener as grasses need proper nutrition. Lawns only need to feed in spring with nitrogen-rich feed and in the autumn with a great amount of phosphate and potash. There are plenty of grass feeds and fertilizers available in gardening shops in the market and you should choose those that are specially designed for lawns. 

For example, nitrogen is responsible for keeping your lawn green, energetic and lively. It is your responsibility to be careful because feeding too much or too often causes more harm than good. You have to make a schedule about feeding fertilizers and stick to it. Before applying fertilizer make sure that your lawn is free of weeds otherwise weeds will also grow quickly.

Remove the weeds

Weeds can grow anywhere, but in gardens these can prove harmful by taking nutrients from the soil. Even one weed in the garden can quickly multiply if left untreated. Weeds can make your beautiful lawn look awful and nasty. You should have to pull out the weeds from the roots, in this way they will not grow further. You can also remove them by hand. If you are not willing to work with your hands then there are several special tools available for this purpose in the market where you can purchase them. The low toxicity herbicide spray can also eliminate all the weeds.

Mowing and edging

Cut the lawn every two weeks as regular trimming is very helpful for the roots to spread. In addition, edging a lawn enhances the beauty, stops the grass from growing into borders, and keeps it neat and clean. Probably you are thinking what is the best time for mowing? It depends on the weather conditions and also the time of the year. In summer you need to mow frequently because grass grows rapidly but in colder weather mowing will be reduced. Keep away from mowing when the soil or grass is wet as this can damage the growth of grass. Keep in mind that only removing one-third of the grass’s length will make it healthier for a long time.

Check pH of soil

Soil health is indeed necessary to a beautiful, flourishing, and healthy lawn. It is vital for the blooming of the garden to check the pH of the lawn. You can use a soil testing kit for this purpose. The ideal range of pH is 6 to 6.5. If it is higher (too alkaline) or lower (too acidic) from this range you should find the appropriate product to assist in getting the right level.